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An Instant Upgrade from WSL1 to WSL2

  • Post published:February 4, 2021

Upgrade from WSL1 to WSL2 has been the talk of the town, and it is an upgrade for the better. Recently, Microsoft published a comparison of WSL1 vs. WSL2. But when any up-gradation is done, it is usually carried out when we want to enhance or improve anything. For this change, there are some main points that were taken into consideration such as:

  • Primarily, you can ‘increase file system performance.’
  • You get to enjoy support full system call compatibility. isn’t that great? ( Developers can feel our excitement right now!)
An Instant Upgrade from WSL1 to WSL2 1

In addition to this, it is also the buzz that WSL2 is gaining popularity as it is said to be using the most advanced and latest ‘virtualization technology.’ To elaborate further, WSL2 is offering you an exceptional VM experience, where you can run the Linux kernel inside the lightweight virtual machine. It’s remarkable, but we won’t dwell much on it. First things first, let’s get to know WSL first?

A Foreword- Know Thy Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

You must have heard that ‘everything has a set mechanism and system and it operates as per the system.’ Because, without a system, the functions and other units can crumble. Even the universe works as per a set system. If you try to move something, it will definitely create an unlikely outcome. Similarly, we decided to introduce the WSL, so one can have a clear about it.

A Windows Subsystem for Linux ( WSL) enables you to run Linux Environment. For example, if you are a developer, you can run command-line tools, operate utilities and applications directly on windows. For that, you don’t need to make any extra modifications, because you won’t be relying on conventional virtual machines or any other dual-boot setup. Isn’t that incredible?

  • With WSL on your side, you are empowered to do many things that include:
  • You get to Select the GNU/ Linux Distributions of your choice from Microsoft Store.
  • You can effectively run ‘Common Command Line Tools’ such as grep, sed, Elf-64 binaries, and more.

You can also seamlessly run ‘Bash Shell Scripts’ and Linux Applications that not only includes tools( vim, emacs, tmux) but also programming languages( NodeJS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby C++, Rust, Go) and services (MYSQL, Apache, MongoDB), etc.

You can do more than this, so If you have any confusion about it, feel free to leave us your query in the comment section below!

A Comparison of Features – Upgrade from WSL1 to WSL2

People are clever and they need proof when you tell them to do something. It becomes even challenging when they have to switch from one system to another. Not only one gets used to the existing system in use, but they offer various benefits.

Even if we say that WSL2 is great and you must migrate and start using it this very instant. That would not make sense. So to make the decision easier, we bring a quick comparison chart for you here.

Take a peek below and see for yourself.

Features in WSL1 vs. WSL2WSL1WSL2
Does it have Windows and Linux Integration?YesYes
What about ‘Fast Boot Times?’YesYes
Does it offer Lesser Resource Foot Print?YesYes
Does it run seamlessly on latest versions of VMware ad VirtualBox?YesYes
Is the VM managed ?NoYes
Have Full Linux kernel?NoYes
Does it have ‘full system call compatibility?’NoYes
Does it offer smooth performance across OS file systems?YesNo

Are You Ready to Upgrade from WSL1 to WSL2?

You can notice above that when you decide to migrate from WSL1` to WSL2, then you have leverage as WSL2 is offering many benefits comparatively. It’s a WIN-WIN for you.

An Instant Upgrade from WSL1 to WSL2 2

Moreover, you even have an upper hand, when you decide to install it. So are you looking for a quick guide for windows systems for Linux? You can get the guide to install it, as you have two choices at the moment.

  1. Choose Simplified Installation – You can either go for the simple installation guide and install, run and start using the WSL.
  2. Quick Steps to Manual Installation – While if you want to manually install it, then install, follow the steps and start using it instantly.

Even if you still have some confusion, don’t hesitate to contact us and consult with vteams experts!