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In-House Team vs. Remote Team – The right model for you

  • Post published:November 12, 2020

Have you ever wanted to do something extra-ordinary? The decision to hire the best team or choose between an in-house team vs. remote team can lead you to your “Great Perhaps.” It means that you have to make some bold choices on your behalf to get extraordinary results.

This is a quest to find the right team, that can bring you that breakthrough result in your business. We would be delighted to tag along with you on this journey.

So are you ready? Remember, change is necessary but you should know when to do what. Timing can make a great difference to change destiny. If you have a dream business or project, you don’t have to leave it at the hands of a mediocre team. Find the best of the best and let them do the rest.

Let’s go!

A new way towards success – In-House Team vs. Remote Team

With the remote engineering companies on the horizon and in-demand. It is becoming the way to the “new future” that remote work will be the accepted norm. The incredible business consultant Peter Ducker once unraveled the best secret to get the most quality work out of your teams stated,

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

Peter Drucker

The popularity of remote work and remote teams is no more a secret now. Recent researches are evident to it, however, one needs to make an informed decision after careful consideration. Market research and trends can take a lot time, effort, and resources. So, we took the pledge to make it easier, simpler, and factual. So, you can take the next step to hire the right team that suits your business model and is perfect to fulfill your business needs.

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In-House team vs. Remote team- Choose the Model that fits you

Once we were looking at the recent dynamics in the market. A lot of people search for remote teams in order to acquire the benefits that come with this ready-made model. But then again, it is also a fact that it cannot be applied to all the industry verticals. It is different for all businesses, which again leads us to remote teams where you can “mix and match” to build a team of your choice that fits you.

Make the right choice: In-House team vs. remote team
Make the right choice: In-House team vs. remote team
In-house Team Remote team
You can have all the rights on intellectual property to maintain a security level. You have to keep a different department for this purpose. Select a remote engineering team, where you have all the documentation to secure your rights to the code or products. They take care of it.
You can train your teams to inculcate the latest and in-demand skills. However, it will require time and resources for training. What if the person quits? You will again spend resources to find a replacement. You have access to a variety of skills and expertise with developers and teams having years of experience. They can help you replace if you don’t feel comfortable with one
You have direct communication with all the resources and close co-ordination among teams to manage and deliver projects. However, current studies reveal that it doesn’t really qualify for productivity and workplace effectiveness. With remote work, the world is going digital. You can have so many wonderful video conferencing tools, powerful project management tools, and online platforms to bridge that gap and save yourself thousands of dollars and hours.
You directly go and check the team in a physical space to maintain accountability and transparency in the workplace. Yet, it can fail you at times and requires a special amount of effort. Remote working teams and companies use tools for project management and communication to maintain everything in the open. Many companies use Trello, Taiga, and Slack, etc.
In-house teams and people can have limited knowledge and you will have to do research to find new people. Once you spend all this time and money, the result can be surprising. ( not in a good way) With a remote team, the possibilities are endless. Because, you can hire one person, full-stack developers, and dedicated remote teams as per requirements. You can choose from a remote company on an hourly, and monthly basis.
In-house teams and resources do face distractions and disruptions while working in a physical setting with other employees and teams. It can be negative nuance at times, affecting productivity. Remote teams and resources work without any external disruptions and distractions. It becomes more beneficial when they are managed by a proper team.
Budget is one of the biggest hurdles, as your overhead cost is more and it keeps on increasing. This puts a question mark on the “cost-effectiveness” of the in-house team. You have the leverage to choose the remote teams and resources based on your budget. No physical place, no extra logistics costs and save so much of your time and money. Isn’t that incredible?

One Size Doesn’t Fit all – What to do?

As you must have observed that the things that you can have while hiring an in-house team and also the benefits that come with a remote team. But it all comes down to the “Ultimate Choice” that you are gonna make. Be sure, that choosing the right team is your first step towards a successful journey.

So, what do we do now?

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Now, you can have a look at your own needs and your business model. Can you afford an in-house team? Do you have the luxury to spend countless hours training your new employees? Well, you seem like a really smart person. So make your move today and choose the team that fits you.

Take the Next Step to Start your journey with your Dream Team!