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Hire App Development Team for Your Next Project

  • Post published:August 27, 2021

How much does it cost to hire a team of app developers? This is the first question that comes to your mind when you think of developing a new app for your business. The question is legitimate and there’s nothing bad about it. But, before you start thinking about the cost of hiring a developer, don’t you think you should first care about how to hire app development team that’s good at anything?

‘Honesty is the best policy.’ You learned this lesson at school right. Let’s change it to ‘loyalty is the policy’ and once again understand the meaning this phrase is holding on to.

In books, honesty is defined as being genuinely sincere with something. It means goodness, truthfulness, and the worth of being reliable. On the other hand, loyalty is described as possessing fidelity, showing devotion, initiating positive relationships, and displaying utter commitment. You want to hire app developers but what are you looking for? Honesty or loyalty?

Right Development Partner Can Add Value to your Business

The Right Development Partner Can Add Value to your Business

Before we begin our talk about how to hire dedicated development team for our next project, we would like to notify you that the hiring process can be a brutal one. So stay strong because you’re just getting started!

Won’t you ask why is the process so daunting? Why is it hard to find the right software development company?

Let’s list down your requirements for a software developer:

  • Can compose a good code-base
  • Can write accurate codes and much faster
  • Have good command over the required tech
  • Not afraid of learning new technologies
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of CS
  • Good communication skills
  • Has tasted architectural success
  • Has digested both success and failure
  • A dynamic person who’s innovative, creative, and can bring solutions to the table

And, this is what you look for in a software development company:

  • Experts in the field
  • Introduce transparency
  • Can see a greater picture
  • Reliable
  • Loyal

New intel! There is over 525,000 software and IT services companies in the United States. Wondering how to make a solid choice? Finding a company in the U.S. is incredibly challenging, and recruiting dedicated developers is even harder. There are big companies around you who are snapping up all the skilled and gifted people and this has happened a bunch of times. And if you’re a startup wanting to incorporate a dedicated team structure, it’s difficult to get people to join you!

About a software development company, you can look for the best but we suggest you at experience working with vteams too. You can check out our past and current satisfied clients’ list, and tell how we can make your next project a victory!

Need a dedicated team

Getting back to how you can hire app development team, let’s tell you a story.

Google once was on a mission to build a perfect team. The mission was titled ‘Project Aristotle.’ Google came up with a theory that the best team is a team where you put everyone under one roof let’s say, a good blend of extroverts and introverts. But when they further studied, they found out that who was on a team didn’t matter at all.

They couldn’t find any similarities. They started to experiment with how a team interacts and this is where everything became more clear and less foggy. You can put introverts with introverts and extroverts with extroverts thinking they are likeminded. But, as long as they don’t treat each other in a certain way, or as long as there is no certain culture, that team can’t be a perfect one.

So they started looking at this behavior and found out that two things mattered the most:

  1. Equality in conversational turn-taking
  2. Ostentatious listening

The first thing means during meetings if everyone speaks the same amount then that team has more chances of success. The second thing means during meetings or general discussions, team leaders or managers acknowledge what you’re saying or put complete focus on you. Only these two characters can help you find your dream team!

Hire App Development Team: What Exactly Are You Looking For?

What is it that you’re looking for? You must be aware of the type of software companies you need. Who are the field actors? Where are they located? How are they different from your previous providers? How to know if you invested in the right one?

offshore nearshore onshore

These are important questions to answer when you are looking to hire app development team. The above-shared picture shows the type of software development needs you could have. So choose the need as per your project and get going. Once this is decided, conduct the following searches:

  • An initial list of all the companies you have chosen
  • Assessment doc
  • Make it shorter and even shorter than the shorter one
  • Contact them
  • Get tips on their RFP process

In the end, find answers to main questions on how to hire app development team:

  • Which one to pick
  • How to evaluate a quote
  • A general list of questions to ask
  • Look if there is a need to negotiate
  • Check their contracts

You can hire app development team easily this way!

Good Luck!