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Recruitment Made Easy: Hire Remote Engineers Today

  • Post published:December 11, 2020

Global recruitment in the technology sector was immensely affected in the last year, worldwide. Many faced financial losses, several had to cut back on their regular staff, but tech jobs are again on the rise as per the recent reports.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the overall unemployment rate went down in October in 37 states. The IT unemployment rate fell by 2.8% in October and by 3.5% in September. Job posting rate in this sector levitated by almost 14,200 in October, summing almost 239,000.

The United States is the top country for tech hiring with a recorded 12.1 million net tech employment rate. Alabama, Montana, and Wyoming are the easiest states to hire tech engineers, developers, and data analysts as they scored 37 out of 99 (being the peak difficult).

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Hire Remote Engineers Today

Every great company is looking to hire remote engineers and the demand is huge. Not specifically talking about startups, there are billion-dollar companies that hire remote workers. There is a need for the right candidate that is worth hiring.

Are you thinking about how to hire remote engineers? Whether you are a large-scale organization or founder of a new company, you need to understand how the correct hiring procedure work.

If you wish to appeal the best remote developers to your company, there is only one procedure to follow:

1- Know what’s the right time to hire remote engineers. But, how to go about it? You carefully list down the requirements of the job, at least dedicate 50% of your time searching for the best tech resource, and define a clear onboarding process or a 30-60-90-day plan.

2- Design a ‘remote job listing’. Write about your company, and be transparent. Tell them what you do, and how you do to spark an interest in them. Find a source to gather feedback about your company. Ask if they would prefer to work with you. Why or why not?

3- Know beforehand that your email will be flooded with resumes. When resumes and other applications start to pour in, you’ll want to have a project management system to sort them and respond quickly.

4- You would not want to forget to ask for referrals.

5- Promote your remote job listing on the right platforms and communities.

6- How do you decide on which tech resource to choose or let go of? So, you check their past contributions, open-source projects, if any, and in the end, identify their unique skills.

7- If a resource doesn’t qualify, reject quickly but politely. You would not want to waste their or your time.

What Type of Jobs Are in Demand?

As per the reports, network and systems engineers are in high demand. In the field of software development, software developers, senior software developers, and project managers are needed.

Job listings for help desk technicians, computer support specialists, and technical support engineers can be seen.

Where there is software, there are threats. Organisations want to shift to a secure environment where there is no threat to their content. In this area, there is a need for proficient cybersecurity managers.

There is a strong requirement for Python, Java, JavaScript developers, backend developers are required.

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Recruitment Made Easy

As JavaScript developers are desirable are the possibilities are endless, you must hire professional and trustworthy remote JavaScript developers.

Most of our onboard engineers are ever-ready to work in the JavaScript stack. You can have cutting-edge web and hybrid mobile applications built using JavaScript frameworks such as React Native and Native Script libraries.

Our PHP engineers are masters of their trade, with ample real-world project development experience. Besides those projects involving native PHP, we have completed hundreds of other projects working with this language.

Python is the second most powerful programming language ever invented and Django is the most prevalent framework for Python. Django may not be as popular as Python, but it’s packed with utility and one which our most skilled engineers happen to know inside-out.


Are you ready to have your project developed? We are prepared too. Let’s learn about how to get started with the process.

360- degree review is a personalized procedure to evaluate your project idea from every angle. Our process allows you to select an engineer of your choice suggested specifically by us as per your unique project concept.

Your new team will already have a solid understanding of your project requirements and expectations. You can instantly get started on your project development.

Our procedure is well defined; communication channels unique to your project are developed so that your privacy is not violated. After successful deployment, either the credentials are shared with you for passcode renewal or they are destroyed.