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Glassmorphism – The latest trend in user interface for apps

  • Post published:January 7, 2021

To create an incredible design, you’ve to keep the user in mind. Therefore while creating glassmorphism in the user interface, you have to visualize it from your targeted user’s perspective. In the words of Frank Chimero, a Designer who says that:

“People ignore design that ignores people.”

Frank Chimero

A great design always puts its user as the first priority, and there are many challenges when it comes to trying new trends. Glassmorphism is a design trend that is becoming rapidly popular. But we need to see if it is really worth the hype.

Let’s see!

Have you seen the recent macOS Big Sur design by Apple? If not, we are going to show you, because it seems to have used the glass effect.

Glassmorphism – The latest trend in user interface for apps 1

Do you remember the rage about blurred background designs and the bokeh effect back in 2013? It was like everybody was jumping on the bandwagon, but it became a craze not only among the designers but general users as well. But who would have thought? That a gigantic company like Apple would be using it, as you have seen in the above image for macOS Big Sur.

We know that design needs no explanation and you can understand it when you see it. However, we would like to go over this trend, which is becoming quite popular and seems like it’s here to stay.

Unveil The Legend of Glassmorphism in User Interfaces

How do you know its Glassmorphism? You will know when you see it. But, we will share some of the top features and factors that will help you instantly identify.

Glassmorphism – The latest trend in user interface for apps 2

Here are the things to know for you:

  • You can see a transparent design that shows you the background blurred color, a more understanding term would be to relate it to frosted glass.
  • Once you see the screen, you will be able to clearly view the objects, icons, and widgets because the edges are glass-like. It is made possible because a multilayered approach in glass design is used.
  • The use of vivid colors will enhance the glass edges and the blurred background to make it visible to the user.
  • It’s like a virtual glass just like you see through a glass in real life, in a similar fashion in this particular design, you will be able to see what’s underneath the layer.

If you look at the image below, you will be able to notice the above-mentioned things, the background color is not so flashy and not too dull, yet you can see it through the screen and read the text on the screen. The edges are prominent, to make it visible that the screens are different. If you visit dribble, you will see more of these designs with the name #glasseffect.

Glassmorphism – The latest trend in user interface for apps 3

Know Everything About Glassmorphism in User Interfaces

It is important to say that it is not just ‘the glass effect’ and making certain layers blur, there is a whole technique that goes into creating this design. As per Microsoft, it is called ‘Acrylic and Fluent Design System,’ which enables you to effectively add more depth to the color and make it clear, transparent, and add texture without adding any extra details.

  • You can use this effect in website landing pages, in the UI design of apps, and even UI design product tour.
  • This particular design trend enables you to grab the user’s attention and get them to focus on your desired object, and you can play with colors to grab their attention.
  • You can use it in apps no matter which industry you belong to. It wouldn’t be a dry idea to use this design for UI designs within banking and finance apps or even medical for that matter.

Look at the image below, you can highlight and customize it as per your desire and business nature.

Glassmorphism – The latest trend in user interface for apps 4

The Legend Unveiled- Glassmorphism in User Interface

Visuals hold great power, and nowadays design can make or break your website or design. As per the latest report, humans have attention spans of ‘8 seconds.’ So is your design powerful enough to make that magic within mere 8 seconds?

If not, then it is not a bad idea to experiment a little, and glassmorphism is a great way to start.

Glassmorphism – The latest trend in user interface for apps 5

But, It is a very crucial thing in the design to balance the color contrast and also highlight the important ingredients. For example, if you start right from the header section and move downward to the footer section with this design sequence, it will really help you stand out.

But if you see it from a critical view to keep the balance, such as if you look at the image below. You can see how you can create a subtle contrast without disturbing the overall flow of the design.

Do you have an idea that has been bugging you? The one that doesn’t let you sleep at night? Are you interested in new UI design trends?

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