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Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy

  • Post published:November 13, 2020

Are you a developer and looking to master the PHP language? You’re in for a treat as we know some PHP tools that can totally up your game when it comes to PHP development.

When it comes to server-side scripting languages, PHP stands tall due to its efficacy. The fact that major websites such as Facebook and even WordPress are developed on PHP speaks volumes on how efficient PHP deployment can be and what you can produce as a developer.

Many developers prefer PHP open source over other server-side scripting languages like Ruby because of the fact that it has numerous advantages such as detailed documentation, ready to use scripts and tightly knit frameworks that are supported on the language.

Let’s explore some of the best PHP tools you can use to make the process of development easier and even more effective:

PHP Tools for Testing

1- Selenium

In simple terms, Selenium is a collection of tools for browser automation. It’s one of those essential PHP tools that can be used in the creation of custom UI tests. Selenium is compatible with major browsers out there and can be deployed on macOS, Linux & Windows. Selenium WebDriver is a further division of Selenium tools and can be used in creating browser-based regression automation tests.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 1

2- PHPUnit

PHPUnit is a PHP oriented testing framework for developers or programmers. It is a widely used PHP tool used in unit testing and the results can be used in a wide range of formats. Unit testing is basically used for testing the consistency and scalability of an application being developed. PHPUnit is quite similar to Junit, it’s just that the PHP Unit is used within the PHP language.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 2

PHP Tools for Documentation

3- PHPDocumentor 2

PHPDocumentor 2 is a documentation tool that enables you to generate documentation from PHP’s source code. This tool can also be used to understand functionality rather than just usability aspects. PHPDocumentor2 is also open source and provides a web-based command-line interface. Furthermore, the tool can extract useful information and present it in the form of graphical reports.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 3

4- PHPDox

Looking for quick API documentation for your PHP application? PHPDox is what you need as it the great API documentation tool. Helpful aspects such as code coverage and complexity information are also covered within PHPDox. Using PHP-Parser this tool can have access to information regarding the codebase which is later stored in XML documents. The functionality aspects of the tool can also be expanded with the help of plugins.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 4

PHP Tools for Security


RIPS is one of the best PHP tools when it comes to security and looking for loose ends in PHP applications. For any application you develop on PHP, there can be chances of vulnerabilities and inconsistency in security features. RIPS allows for threat analysis that looks for loopholes within your application.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 5

PHP Environment Tool

6- AWS Cloud9

AWS Cloud9 is the optimal choice in developing PHP applications in a cloud environment. There are multiple advantages you can gain when it comes to AWS Cloud9. The first and foremost is that you don’t really need a server to create applications, everything is done and maintained on the cloud. It also allows you to code and debug within a browser.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 6

7- Xampp

Xampp is another PHP development environment that you can benefit from immensely. It comes with Apache distribution which also contains Perl, MariaDB & PHP. The best part is that the package is free to use and gets installed easily. It’s also commonly used in MySQL for database management and CMS components. Its basic functionality lies in interpreting scripts written in the PHP framework.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 7

8- phpMyAdmin

Are you into PHP development and working within a LAMP configuration? If so, then phpMyAdmin can be of huge use as it can supplement your entire process for managing MySQL databases. The tool itself is written in PHP and offers management of MySQL by offering you options of export, import, and exploration. The most common forms of operations this tool can handle include the management of tables, columns, indexes, permissions, users & databases. You can perform all these functions and still be able to execute an SQL statement.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 8

PHP Tools for Debugging

9- Xdebug

Xdebug is a game-changing tool used in debugging. It’s a game-changer because it allows a single-step debugging with IDEs and induces stack trace functionality. Stack traces include functionalities such as warnings, exceptions, errors, and notices. Furthermore, it provides code coverage functionality for use with PHPUnit.

Essential PHP Tools and their Efficacy 9

In a Nutshell:

When it comes to PHP tools, the coding language is quintessential. It gives you ample ways to solidify your coding techniques. Plenty of PHP tools can be used together in cohesion to get the best out of your coding experience and developing a web application that’s seamless. If you’re looking to hire PHP developer who has command over PHP tools, then your search ends here!