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Data Warehousing: Concepts and Applications

  • Post published:June 1, 2021

If you’re a business owner, you’d understand that the current business environment compels businesses to emphasize reporting and to analyze their data—due to massive competition, obviously. In fact, businesses prefer their data to be integrated so that they can make better business decisions.

This is where Data Warehousing concepts can do wonders. Fundamentally, it makes analysis and reporting of data easier. To learn it better, this blog will discuss the data warehousing concepts, and subsequently, where it is used in different industries.

Let’s start!

What is Data Warehousing?

Data warehousing concept is the process of building and using a data warehouse architecture. But you might wonder how this data warehouse architecture is constructed? It is built by consolidating data from numerous sources that support analytical reporting and decision-making. Confused? Let me put it this way; a data warehouse is an extensive collection of data that is utilized to make better and intelligent decisions.

The bulk of data in data warehouse architecture comes from sales, finance, marketing, amongst others. A data warehouse pulls the data from these areas, passes it through formatting processes, and stores it. This processed data is now accessible to the decision-makers.

I am sure you now have a pretty good understanding of data warehousing concepts. Let’s study its numerous applications across multiple industries.

Data Warehousing: Concepts and Applications 1

Banking Industry

Policy reversal, risk management, along with analysis of market trends, consumer data, and government regulations, are the center of attention in the banking industry. Most banks utilize data warehousing concepts to manage their available resources. Such banks also employ data warehouse architecture for performance analysis, market research, and develop marketing programs.

Furthermore, you’d be amazed to learn that customer analysis is done by looking at your transaction history and spending patterns. This information provides banks with the opportunity to give special offers based on their activities.

Banking Industry application of Dataware warehouses

Consumer Goods Industry

The consumer goods industry is excessively making use of data warehousing concepts to boost their profits. They use it to make predictions of inventory management, consumer trends, and advertising. What’s more? They carry out an in-depth analysis of sales and productions too.

Finance Industry

The applications of data warehousing in the finance sector include the evaluation and trends of customer spendings and expenses. This strategy helps in the goal of maximizing profits earned by the clients.

Finance Industry


State governments use data warehouses for human resource services like payroll management and recruitment. At the same time, federal governments utilize data warehouse architecture for matters related to compliance. Also, it is essential for maintaining tax and health policy records.

Education Industry

If you are enrolled in a university, you should know that universities and colleges use warehouses for extracting student demographics and human resource management. In fact, the entire finance department of universities relies on data warehousing concepts.


Another sector that often utilizes data warehouses concepts is healthcare. Clinical, financial, and employee records are updated in the data warehouses. These data warehouse architecture then help in generating patient reports, service feedback, and predict outcomes.

Healthcare sector and  Data warehouses

Manufacturing industry

This industry is one of the most vital industries of a state. This sector has to make numerous make-or-buy decisions at different times. This necessitates them to employ data warehouses to analyze business trends and predict market changes. This allows the manufacturing sector to make better decisions with the help of data warehouse architecture.

Data Warehousing – Potential beyond imagination

It is impossible to imagine any industry working without data houses. Its potential spans numerous industries, which allows them to make better decisions, predict better outcomes and boost their efficiencies.

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