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Are You Thinking of Ditching Flutter? Think Again!

  • Post published:April 6, 2022

Your mind just popped with a great app idea. You have finished writing all the details of the app you would like to build. You are now searching for a time and cost-saving solution to develop your application. But you don’t know where to start. Let us help! Develop a cross-platform mobile application using Flutter.

You must be thinking why Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development? In our opinion, Flutter makes a lot of sense in the following situations:

  1. When needing an Android or iOS app with first-rate UI and adaptable UX that provides steady swift results.
  2. When creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Have you ever wondered how rapidly technology is advancing, as well as other related areas? Recent developments have enabled the design of applications on a single platform that can be operated by different tools. Before this advancement, we had to do a lot of coding to create each application.

Recently, Google’s Flutter has emerged as one of the best options for both developers and businesses to build their apps quickly. It has provided us with a cross-platform mobile app development tool that helps prioritize tasks and divide essential features from nice-to-have features, which makes it one of the leading tools. Since it eliminates the need for platform-specific codebases, it reduces development time due to its cross-platform support. So, if you’re thinking of ditching Flutter? We would say think again!

Cross-platform mobile app development

An Eagle’s View on Flutter

Google created Flutter to design applications that could run on different platforms with a single code. When it first appeared, some years ago, it had already won over the development market. Its innovative approach that combined cross-platform mobile app development and native development allowed businesses to get functional apps faster, due to which Flutter application development services became more and more popular.

Some still claim that Flutter is not the future of cross-platform mobile app development. To be sure, we need to understand the tool in depth. Let’s explore it together so that we can get out of the situation of uncertainty and make a decision about it.

Future of Cross-platform Mobile App Development

These 5 Facts Will Make You Realize Flutter is the Future of Cross-platform Mobile App Development.

In May 2021, Flutter was on track to overtake React Native in popularity and usage. But let’s see what the numbers say:

Flutter popularity statistics 2022

In April 2020, Flutter surpassed React Native for the first time in over two years and is still the most frequently searched query globally by 2022. According to Statista’s most recent research, Flutter was the leading cross-platform mobile app development framework in 2021. Flutter overtook React Native by 4% (42% versus 38% for React Native). Even so, it’s fair to say that the two technologies will almost be equally popular in 2022.

Here are some more reasons why Flutter is the future of cross-platform mobile app development:

1. It’s the fastest way to develop an application

Flutter supports hot reloading, which allows us to test our work easily. A hot reload means we do not have to reload our app every time we change the code. The developers may want to see any changes they have made or resolve any bugs. With this platform, they can resolve issues instantly. They build UIs, check bugs, and analyze new features. It’s an all-in-one service.

2. Coding gets less and less

Dart is the programming language used to create this software. The use of just-in-time and ahead-of-time compilation increases productivity, decreases startup time, improves usability, performance, and reduces startup time. With all these features, Flutter is the future of cross-platform mobile app development.

3. Coding on multiple platforms at once

The use of this tool will allow us to code just once and it will run on other platforms. This will save us time and money. As developers had to code for every application separately, Flutter made things easier for them.

4. Delivers Instant Delivery and Integration

Apple’s XCode server emphasizes constant delivery and integration. But the iOS developers face issues while making large-scale projects and reports that XCode is not stable enough. Flutter allows the application developers to build large-scale projects with constant delivery and integration.

5. The key point to be emphasized

Smarter approaches, time-saving techniques, and technology advancements are the future. Why not adopt those trends and working platforms that help us to understand these advancements? Flutter is the future of cross-platform mobile app development, and there is no way out but to support that narrative.

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Any Last Thoughts?

Despite being a relatively new technology, Flutter has enjoyed tremendous success over the past few years. Cross-platform application development is made easier with Flutter’s multi-platform compatibility and low learning curve.

Flutter is the best choice if you need faster app development and a broader audience. It will allow developers to launch two native applications and a web app from a single codebase with an exceptional user experience. The Flutter developer community is eagerly awaiting the release of Google’s Windows and macOS compatibility. Soon, hopefully!

We hope this article has given you a sufficient understanding of why you should use Flutter app development. You will save time and money and grow your business if you choose it. Experimentation is the key to discovering new things, so keep trying, and you’ll discover something new about Flutter.

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