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The Upside and Downside – Journey to Build Apps with Ionic

  • Post published:January 7, 2021

Do you want to build apps with Ionic? Do you know the top apps built with Ionic? You will be able to uncover the answer to these questions, the use of ionic, advantages, and disadvantages of how Ionic is taking over the app development industry. Ionic is a popular framework that falls under the umbrella of a very popular and in-demand programming language known as JavaScript.

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Spill the Beans- What do you build with Ionic?

With Ionic, you can use it to build apps such as mobile apps, progressive web apps, and native apps with help of technologies such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Ionic’s extensive library of UI components enables you to build optimized apps, UI for apps, hybrid and cross-platform apps. It is famous for building apps that run fast and smooth to accelerate your success.

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Two Sides of the Coin: Build Apps with Ionic

The Upside to Building Apps with IonicThe Downside to Building Apps with Ionic
It is known for its speed so you get to enjoy faster and way more quicker development process, if you are in hurry and want to stay ahead of your competitors.
Known for a better browser support for apps, it is said that Ionic’s support also resembles like the progressive web apps (PWAs).
Using a popular technology such as Javascript can give you leverage, especially when you are going to build apps for iOS and Android with Ionic.
With the presence of inbuilt and existing large library of UI component, you can save time and extra effort during the development to speed it up.
You have a large community to take support from and an extensive set of documentation on Ionic Framework is available, in case you feel like installing the framework.
There is so much fuss surrounding the native plug-ins that the developers can use while building apps with Ionic. However, it is also claimed that the plugins have their unstable nature, which can cause issue.
It has been found that the debugging process is somewhat found to be quite complex, so at times, it become challenging to identify and resolve the errors within the apps.
We would say that it is not considered a developer’s 1st choice for game development especially game apps that require many high definition images and high-resolution graphics.
It was also reported that some of the apps that were built using the Ionic framework crashed and it was really hard to trace the bugs and errors. Which can be regarded as one of the frustrating things about this framework.
The Upside and Downside - Journey to Build Apps with Ionic 2

As you have seen the challenges and the benefits are related to this particular framework. If you are someone who is stranded in the nick of time, and trying to choose a tech stack or framework for your project or app development. Well, it’s better you ask the professionals, and who better to give you 100% genuine advice than the developers themselves, right?

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Call it a Day – Build Your Next App with Ionic

It is claimed that more than 5 million developers are making use of the Ionic framework for app development. Do you see the popularity? They are all well versed with how this particular tech works and have extensive experience in this particular area. Moreover, if you are also thinking to build an app for your next project with this wonderful framework.

Let’s discuss the possibilities today and hire the developer of your choice!

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