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Yii Framework – Accomplish Repetitive & Iterative Projects with Ease

  • Post published:February 23, 2021

Do you know about the Yii Framework for PHP? It’s actually a pretty great framework and its popularity trend is reaching an all-time high. If you’re looking for a reliable open-source framework then the Yii Framework might be the one for your next development project.

yii framework

Yii Framework for PHP

Yii Framework is an open-source, MVC based, object-oriented and lightweight PHP framework. Yii is popular because it includes advanced caching which makes the framework highly feasible for websites that have a high traffic flow. So, you can imagine that websites in categories of eCommerce or millennial blogs are the perfect categories for development with Yii framework.

Here are some of the benefits of development with Yii Framework for PHP:

1. The Yii Framework’s Superior Performing Framework

If you’re looking to use the Yii framework for your next PHP project, we’re pretty sure that you’re familiar with frameworks such as Codeigniter or Zend. We believe that the Yii framework stands one step ahead due to its performance attributes. With a superior performing framework, factors such as speed, security, Model View Controller makes it a powerful framework that sets a good enough path for your developer.

Yii Framework's Superior Performing Framework

2. The Yii Framework’s Impenetrability

The Yii Framework’s impenetrability makes it an extremely secure platform. It can even be seen as a fortified fortress due to its multiple holistic features concerning security. The security features for Yii Framework for PHP include cookie-attack prevention, cross-site scripting prevention, cross website request forgery and server-aspect validation. Yii allows a seamless addition of validation rules for inputs. It also comes with a built-in security system that promises authentication.

Yii Framework’s Impenetrability

3. Yii for the Objective of Caching

As mentioned before, advanced caching is considered as one of the major vantage points that developers use over other frameworks. Advanced caching in Yii refers to how developers have a lot of cache parts for storing cache in separate media. This refers to customers using cache parts similar to APC meme cache and section caching. Overall, sites with high traffic can use Yii framework to their benefit when it comes to caching alone.

Yii for the Objective of Caching

4. Yii Framework’s MVC

Yii framework allows iterative development of smart applications largely due to its MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture. The controller itself is intensive for catering a wide range of versatile libraries that can be used to carry out major functions during the process of development. The best part is that the controller allows you to use the system as a unitary object. Meaning, if you modify code then the entire system modifies. This vastly improves the development experience as well as efficiency.

Yii Framework’s MVC

5. A Loyal Community

Last but not the least, Yii framework for PHP has a well-established community and not to forget a loyal one. Any sort of problem that you might face can be tackled with efficiency as plenty of expert help is available.

A loyal community

In a Nutshell

Yii Framework albeit hasn’t been heard of a lot but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be considered. Yii Framework is a tightly knit open-source PHP framework that is based on MVC architecture. Its strength lies in a multidimensional approach and can do wonders for your next PHP project.