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Business Benefits of Having Remote Teams

  • Post published:July 14, 2021

Due to the recent global pandemic, companies started to encourage employees to work remotely. Not only this but, preference for hiring remote development teams has also increased. Just in the US alone, there are over 4.3 million remote workers now. Furthermore, experts predict that by 2028, more than 70 percent of the departments will have remote development teams.

These statistics validate one thing; companies globally are readily embracing remote workers. The global crisis has changed the perception of remote work for employers as well as for employees.

One of the biggest concerns for the companies is the lack of collaboration between the team members in a department. Also, growth leaders are comfortable working in an office environment to build relationships. But keeping in mind this upsurge of remote working, how can this collaboration be made effective?

When it comes to businesses, is it a good idea to hire remote development teams? This is precisely what we are going to discuss in this article.

Businesses in the Post-pandemic Era

As the global crisis is coming to an end, there will be a considerable increase in consumer activity—predominantly medium-sized businesses. Ecommerce tops the list in this regard. Even though the eCommerce trend was already on an upward trajectory, it witnessed a massive rise during these last couple of years.

Businesses in the Post-pandemic Era

This claim can be supported by the fact that worldwide eCommerce sales have reached $876 billion merely in the first quarter of 2021. Now that we know the current situation of businesses, let’s discuss the benefits of embracing the new trend of having remote teams for your companies.

The Future Trend – Remote Development Teams

The job landscape has tremendously changed. Employers have shifted their mindset into accepting the benefits of remote teams. Some of the businesses that still continue to operate remote teams claim that they observed increased productivity and efficiency.

On the contrary, some companies raise concerns like, “how would we know that the employee is really working and giving their best?” or “working outside the office environment would disturb the companys’ culture.”

These concerns are genuine for employers who go the extra mile to invest in their employees to ensure that their employees are excelling in their work. But guess what, according to one survey, 74 percent of the office workers say that by working remotely their productivity considerably increased.

The Future Trend – Remote Development Teams

As an employer, whatever decision you take, there are certain benefits of remote teams that you cannot deny. We will discuss these benefits in detail.

Remote Meetings Take Less Time

Meetings are the major ingredient of business growth. They are essential to set business goals and useful for clear communications. But have you ever found yourself in a situation when your colleague comes to your workspace and forces an uninvited meeting on you by asking a quick question? This mere question turns into a lengthy meeting in a matter of seconds.

You don’t get that if you are a remote worker because you mean business! For remote workers, meetings that occur over software like Zoom or Skype are mostly to the point. You wind up the meeting in less time and get back to your work. Consequently, this saves time and gives a boost to your productivity.

You Value Your Best Employees

If you are an employer, you’d understand that you won’t be comfortable allowing all your employees to work remotely. Typically, you’d be inclined only to allow those employees who have earned your confidence by producing results or have made their names. In other words, you have high hopes from these employees.

To let these employees work remotely, you’re sort of valuing them. They get a work-life balance and enough flexibility to produce even better results.

You Can Tap the Best Talent for Remote Development Teams

You’d be amazed to know that hiring remote teams allows you to tap a larger talent pool. If your employees are working from the office, you only have employees that are coming from nearby locations (and only those who could join your company when it is convenient to travel.) This means that your options are limited.

You Can Tap the Best Talent for Remote Development Teams

Conversely, if you are hiring remote development teams, you are drawing on the enormous talent that is not confined to a geographical area rather globally. Hiring remote development teams can open a gateway to tremendous opportunities.

Incentivizing Your Employees to Work Hard

What incentives do you think encourage your employees to work hard? Excellent company culture? Bonuses? Or giving them vacations? Guess what, they all dim in front of giving your employees the flexibility of a remote development team!

Giving your employees the liberty to work remotely strikes a different chord altogether! It gives them the impression that their employer trusts them. This belief compels them to work harder than before.

So Are You Planning to Hire Remote Development Teams?

In a nutshell, when it comes to hiring remote development teams, benefits easily outweigh the concerns of the employers. Remote employees experience professional growth and an increased sense of responsibility.

If your business is looking to reap the benefits of remote development teams, reach out to vteams.