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Internet of Things

Basics of Internet of Things (IoT): Discover Better Future 2021

  • Post published:June 16, 2020

IoT—short for the ‘Internet of Things’ is described as the extended power of the internet beyond smartphones, digital devices, and computers to an entire range of different things, environments, and processes.

With the continuously increased prevalence of technology in our daily lives, the world around us is getting smarter day by day.

The digital devices we use today are not restricted to our office rooms or pockets; they are occupying a big share in our lives. These devices have the role of help in collecting, analyze, and monitoring the data about the surroundings and communicate with each other through a massive intertwined network. This is known as IoT, Internet of Things.

From agriculture to healthcare and everything in between, IoT is changing industries across the board. Let’s dig into the term ‘Internet of Things’ for a deeper understanding.

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What is the Internet of Things? Simply and Non-Technically

You are reading this post on a device—desktop, smartphone, or tablet that is most definitely connected to the internet. With the internet, you can yield many benefits.

The Internet of Things—IoT simply means taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the internet.

The concept of IoT is narrow and tightly defined and on the same hand, it is broad and loosely defined too. With its endless possibilities, sometimes it gets difficult to nail down the entire concept in our heads.

Nevertheless, why would we even want to connect everything to the internet after all?

Why the Internet of Things Matters?

When you connect any device or piece of equipment to the internet, it can send information, receive it, or do both. This ability to level-up the equipment where it can transfer the information makes them smarter and that’s what we want them to be, to respond and act smartly.

If you want to listen to a song on your smartphone, you can listen to just to any song that you want to. That is not because your smartphone has it stored in it; it is because every song is saved somewhere in similar digital storage. Your smartphone can send the required information and then receive the information—the searched song.

You just need to be ‘connected’ to access all the information. Everything that is connected can be categorically divided into three parts in the IoT.

  • Things that collect information and then send it.
  • Things that receive information and then act on it.
  • Things that do both.

The Future of the Internet of Things

The evolution of technology IoT is bringing to the world is coming faster than expected. Several future-seekers have their eyes on the fate of IoT and what it holds for the future.

Internet of Things is the future towards artificial intelligence and the entire automation of the physically existing world.

Let’s discuss some technology trends that are mounting high with IoT.

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You just need to be ‘connected’ to access all the information. Everything that is connected can be categorically divided into three parts in the Internet of Things.

  • Objects that collect data and then forward send it.
  • Objects that receive data and then act on it.
  • Objects that do both.

Taking data analysis to a new level

The world will witness a significant trend taking place amidst the Internet of Things and the connected world.

Businesses, as well as individuals, will be able to get support for the decisions, they would want to take from the single unit comprising of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things with the world.

With AI you can identify trends rapidly. This will enable IoT to retrieve extensive data with greater accuracy and precision.

For better outcomes, this data can be utilized and analyzed n the frequency of similarly occurring events which will help us achieve successful paths by directing our decisions towards them.

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Better healthcare

The world will be able to improve the healthcare results with the help of the availability of extensive data range. Several companies are already working on IoT technologies to bring about the benefits in the system, diagnosis procedure, and treatments.

In addition to this, this process will also help in the selection of better medication, prevention of various diseases, and possibly longer life of the patients.

Many such technological procedures are awaiting their launch and execution soon to be seen in practice.

With the assistance of IoT, numerous healthcare apps are being developed to monitor innumerable body parameters and identify small diseases and offering their cures.

There is this advanced medical checkup report generating system that can be connected to the patient’s smartphone. The user can enter their vitals through the app and identify the presence of ailment in the system.

Better resource management

Consumption patterns must be identified correctly to manage the resources well. There are many technologies available to be practiced to identify resource usage.

To bring about a high level of management, these technologies can be integrated with the Internet of Things systems.

Special warning systems for electricity, water, and soil level regulations can make many lives more comfortable, better, and convenient.

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Securing IoT and connected devices

More technologies are expected to emerge to enhance the automation and ease of use of the IoT. However, data risk will be increased and subsequent measures will be expected to be taken to minimize it.

With the increase in adaptation and usage, the number of devices connected to the IoT will be significantly increased. Resultantly, it will be essential to secure every data over the cloud that will hold vital information of may individuals including healthcare and banking data.

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AI & Big Data

Many businesses own a large amount of data to be analyzed and processed which will be increased ahead. That amount of data in the form of clients and devices is connected to the Internet of Things end to end with data transmission.

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To handle this bulk amount of data, advanced techniques are needed by merging the artificial intelligence (AI) with big data and IoT.

Several such projects are underway and similar small-scale projects are already seen being practiced.

Edge computing over cloud computing

Internet of Things mostly relies on the cloud for the storage of its data. Now the significant change awaits where data will be stores to the nearby local device which will process the data. The device will then decide whether the entire information or some part of it has to be sent.

This will reduce the traffic and load on the network, this process is also known as ‘edge computing’ which itself has several benefits.

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This fast-developing technological world has enabled the Internet of Things, IoT to be moved towards the wearable gears and apps for a more comfortable and smooth living. These are personalized apps to be used by each particular consumer. This complex technology has been possibly coming into practice with IoT.

The Internet of Things has turned out to be one of the greatest inventions by mankind. There are higher hopes that it will make the idea of humanoid robots a reality with the wearable apps.

Amid all these predictions and drifts, the future of IoT is promising and certainly worth adopting.

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