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Is AWS-Certified Machine Learning Reliable?

  • Post published:October 15, 2021

Are you planning to learn AWS-certified machine learning to kickstart your career? If yes, fasten your seatbelt because you are going to learn the benefits of AWS certification with us.

AWS certified machine learning specialty assists different organizations to develop a certain skill set to implement cloud initiatives with ease.

Are you aware of machine learning? If yes, you can easily compete in the market. But if you don’t have prior knowledge of machine learning, enroll yourself in AWS-certified machine learning certification. It specifies its validity to train, build, tune, and deploy machine learning models on AWS.

Is AWS-certified machine learning worth it? It is indeed because it boosts your knowledge of machine learning.

How much does AWS ML certification cost? This training is built for data scientists plus developers both aspiring and current. It grants free digital training, classroom courses, videos, whitepapers, certifications, and more built with the AWS Cloud. Otherwise, there are multiple certification charges.

Who is Eligible to Take the AWS-Certified Machine Learning Exam?

The eligibility criteria are simple. Applicants must be 13 years or older to take an AWS Certification exam. For contestants ages 13-17, please see the answer to the question below.

AWS certification is for those individuals who have one year of experience in ML development and data science. Its area of interest includes machine learning/deep learning development and architectural workloads.

Explore the following conditions before applying for this exam:

  • Expert machine learning and deep learning experiences
  • Knowledge of model training, operational practices, and deployment methods
  • 1–2 years of experience in architectural design & development, deep learning workloads, machine learning knowledge
  • Have a basic understanding of general machine learning algorithms
  • Must know how to perform basic hyperparameter optimization
AWS-Certified Machine Learning

Is it Hard to Get AWS Certification?

AWS is a baddie! You require vast knowledge of application deployment and cloud management. To master it, you require a strong understanding of VPNs, regions, AZs, and security groups. You need to know this stuff if you’re looking to get certification in AWS-Certified machine learning.

Earning this certification demands to take and pass the AWS-Certified machine learning exam (MLS – CO1). This exam enrolls a combination of two question formats like multiple response and multiple choice. Try reading the exam guide, It entails content outline and passing scores.

Try to read the sample question paper that displays the real image and format of different questions useful in the exam and include the rationale for the correct answer.

What are the Main Exam Instructions?

The AWS-certified machine learning exam demands 3 hours to complete. You have to answer 65 questions and the approximate time for each question is 2.7 minutes. Apart from this, 15 questions are unscored out of 65.

The result is evaluated from 100–1000 scores, and the average passing marks are 750/1000. The estimated cost of the AWS exam is 300 USD. If you are appearing for the second time or have passed this exam once you can avail yourself 50% off on your fee.

What are the Main Exam Instructions

What are the Main Test Domains?

AWS-certified machine learning specialty includes four different domains that are as follows:

Data Engineering:

Data engineering involves the following three things:

  • Data transformation (ETL, Glue, AWS, EMR, Lambda, Batch)
  • Storage mediums (S3, EFS, etc.)
  • Data ingestion (Kinesis, etc.).

Exploratory Data Analysis:

It covers the following three things:

  • Feature extraction and engineering (OHE, PCA, etc.)
  • Data preparation (Ground truth, Wrangler, etc.)
  • Analysis and visualization (Correlation, residual plot, etc.)


AWS modeling knows certain algorithms such as:

  • Reinforcement learning
  • Supervised/unsupervised learning
  • Transfer learning
  • Types like (forecasting, clustering, regression, classification, recommendation)
  • Hyperparameters
  • Optimization
  • Regularizations (L1/L2 dropouts)
  • Metrics (Precision, accuracy, recall, RMSE, AUC-ROC, F1 score)
  • Confusion Matrix, etc.

Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

It involves different services that are as follows:

  • ML and AI services (Comprehend, Lex, Recognition, Transcribe, Textract, etc.)
  • Monitoring and logging (CloudTrail, CloudWatch)
  • Security
  • Endpoints with API gateways
  • I AM
  • A/B testing
  • Batch transform
  • SageMaker Neo
  • IoT Greengrass
  • Augmented AI, etc.
Machine Learning Implementation and Operations

AWS Machine Learning Certification Study Guide

Make yourself straightforward, start learning about the field in general, and try not to focus on AWS services. We recommend dividing it into two sections, the first one focuses on machine learning general knowledge, and the second half covers the AWS AI/ML services.

AWS-Certified machine learning specialty delivers comprehensive free material, and it does not rely on its services. Most of the material is available free on the website.

What are the Main AWS Training Courses?

Following are the few main AWS training courses for AWS-certified machine learning.

  • Developing machine learning applications
  • Demystifying AI/ML/DL
  • Process Model: CRISP-DM on the AWS stack
  • Machine learning exam basics
  • Communicating with Chat Bots
  • ML building blocks: Services and terminology
  • The elements of Data Science
  • Types of Machine learning solutions
  • Exam Readiness: AWS-Certified machine learning

What are the Major Benefits of AWS certification?

The advantages of AWS certification are as follows:

  • Future preparation
  • New avenues to develop professional expertise
  • Appreciate your efforts
  • Display’s your commitment levels
  • A minute amount of difficulties to clear AWS certification
  • Your pay must be increased
  • Expand professional network
  • Bring more projects
  • Opportunity to become subject matter expert
  • Employees benefit

Final Words

AWS is the future of cloud technology and has become a notable name amongst Google cloud and Azure. Try practicing the tests to familiarize yourself with the question style for the exam.

Is AWS-certified machine learning worth it? How hard is AWS certified machine learning speciality? Which certification is best for machine learning? We have answered all of your questions related to AWS. Do you have any other concerns?

You can consult with us or avail of our AWS professional services right now.