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Angular vs React vs Vue: Everything you need to know

  • Post published:December 15, 2020

It is good to draw a comparison of healthy competition, because if you’d choose the first thing that you see. It rules out all other potential prospects, Angular vs React vs Vue is an attempt to change that. There are many frameworks in use, but our developers prefer some the most over others. So what is the reason?

To uncover the reasons why these are the most popular web frameworks, you need to dig a little deeper into the features and purpose of these frameworks. Let’s get to know the frameworks, and it will allow you to make your own choice.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Everything you need to know 1

We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s uncover the marvel of these amazing web frameworks that enable us to bring wonderful products to life including websites and mobile apps.

Know Thy Framework – Angular vs React vs Vue

You can have the framework of your choice, but since you are here. Let’s get to know the frameworks.

Angular- The Oldest Tree Around the Block

It might be the developer’s favorite framework, but hear us out. No one is being biased here because we have all the stats and facts at our disposal that we will be sharing with you. Yes, Angular has been around for a long time, as it is one of the oldest frameworks in usage. As it was initially released under the umbrella of Google, and later it got updated that led to titles AngularJS and Angular2. But the latest in use is Angular 10 as per recent reports.

You can use Angular to build dynamic, interactive, and popular single-page apps, mobile apps, enterprise-level apps, eCommerce apps, and progressive web applications. Now, which one is your query?

Hold on for a second, it’s not just our developers who are all praise for these powerful frameworks. Stackoverflow conducted a survey at the beginning of 2020, where 65000 developers shared their views and opinions. Here’s a glimpse of that survey, as you can see the demand of our under discussion frameworks named React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Everything you need to know 2

React- The Favorite Child

We all know that practice makes the work more perfect and noticeable. Since this has been used by our developers, it has its own significant place. But if you search for this framework, you’d be surprised to know that it is quite popular.

You can build amazing UI interfaces using the JavaScript Library and this powerful front-end web framework. You can create interactive, user-friendly, and progressive single page and mobile applications.

One of the best things about this framework is that it has an extensive community of developers, that too includes the Facebook Community of developers, as it is maintained by them.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Everything you need to know 3

Discover the Secret to Vue’s Popularity

Even though Vue didn’t have a conventional start like other frameworks, but it still became very popular in a short time. You can use this progressive framework to develop UI for your website. It really depends on the use cases, like how you want to go about it, whether to use it as a library or a framework. Enables you to effortlessly handle and resolve the complexities, when you intend to build single-page applications or UI for powerful applications. It is considered adoptable, versatile and minimum optimization is required.

Do you know? Vue.js is used by Alibaba.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Everything you need to know 4

Angular vs React vs Vue – A Simple Comparison

Here are some of the points, that can help you get more familiarized with the frameworks, and make an informed decision after evaluating them.

Comparative PointsAngularReactVue
CommunityGoogle + Developers in generalFacebookAlibaba + said to be supported Laravel
SpeedComparatively slowerMediumFaster
Does it have the Components?Yes, its components based.YesYes
Code ReusabilityYes, you can reuse the code.YesYes
Documentation AvailbilityYes, it’s open source.Access documentation easily.Yes, extensive documentation is available.
Learning CurveYou need to be a little bit familiar already.YesYes
What about stability?YesYesYes
Angular vs React vs Vue: Everything you need to know 5

Make Your Move – Build Next Breakthrough Project

So who is the winner of all? We hear that React is a winner at the moment because it has taken over the market by storm and even our own developers are all praise for this particular framework. If you have any favorite ones, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below.

Since we know that a choice of technology can make or break the project. Because, once a product is developed whether it’s an app or a website, it will need maintenance or updates. It depends on the technology and the resources that you have selected to complete that very project.

Do you have an idea that you want to see in a materialized form? Are you confused while choosing technologies? Don’t worry, because now you’ve access to top industry developers and programmers. You can discuss the problem, find the solution that fits your unique business needs and budget.

On top of it all, You get to hire the developer of your choice.

Don’t Delay it any further, Time doesn’t wait for anyone!

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