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Are Agile and DevOps the same?

  • Post published:February 16, 2021

You must have implemented these major methodologies in your organization for software development. But, there are some possible misconceptions about the two.

In Agile vs DevOps; many of you believe that both work in the same way. But, the principle of DevOps is different from the Agile methodology.

What is Agile and DevOps major difference? What does each approach embrace? Where do they intersect?

Can you use them together, or should you pick one over the other? You are going to swim deep into the practices, advantages, and disadvantages of each one.

Are Agile and DevOps the same? 1

It has sort of become a challenge for you to implement Agile and DevOps into your software development practices. Indeed, they both upsurge efficiency, improve teamwork, and deliver superior software products.

To overcome this difficulty, it’s vital to apprehend their roles first. Let’s begin this conversation by understanding Agile and DevOps major differences.

What is Meant by DevOps?

You have heard the term, but, do you know what DevOps engineer does?

As the name suggests, DevOps prioritizes collaboration between the development and operations teams. The general purpose is to fasten the overall software development procedure.

We presume to explain this concept with an example:

Zach is a developer who writes computer codes for software products. As he’s the only person who does the overall coding for products, takes care of fixes, software updates, etc. Sometimes, it takes him weeks to get done with this work and let the production begin.

The delay causes his organization a huge loss of customers and gives an edge to their competitors. Just because Zach is not only taking care of the development environment but also the production environment, it becomes difficult for him to focus solely on his primary job.

Are Agile and DevOps the same? 2

Now meet Anastasia who is part of the operations team where she maintains and ensures the uptime of the production environment. As the company continues to launch multiple products, the number of servers is growing too. This has raised several challenges for her.

The current tool is not efficient, later, it impacts the deployment of codes and affects the production environment. Sometimes, the development team burdens her with loads of code for deployment purposes.

So, what can be done to help Zach and Anastasia at the same time? The only possible solution can be if Zach and Anastasia work together. Shared responsibilities can unburden both of them for the smooth delivery of work.

What do you think?

So, the principle of DevOps suggests the following:

  • Close Collaboration of the Development and Operations team
  • Shared Responsibilities
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Faster Development and Deployment

‘Who is a DevOps engineer’ and ‘how do I become a DevOps engineer’ are two repeatedly asked questions. Are you also here to learn the answers? You can delve into the aspects by reading this article.

Are Agile and DevOps the same? 3

What is Agile in Simple Words?

Agile is an iterative approach that recommends the whole organization collaborating and sharing the burden rather than working individually.

Typically, the methodology is used by product managers to ensure timely delivery of software products by working in segments to gather immediate consumer feedback.

Agile’s four core values are listed below:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

Agile and DevOps Demystified

So, does DevOps use Agile? What is the Principle of DevOps?

Demystifying this confusion, both the methodologies do improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency. But, they are not the same. Here we explain some major differences in the form of a table.

So let’s talk Agile vs. DevOps.

Follows an iterative approach to offer increased collaboration, on-time stakeholder’s feedback gathering, and rapid software releases.A practice that offers closed collaboration of the development and operations team.
Over 20 years old and still in practice.A recent discovery but adopted by millions.
Believes in rapid development.Believes in rapid development.
A must for large and complex projects.Ideal for day-to-day engineering tasks
Agile principles are focused on constant changes.The principle of DevOps believes in constant testing and delivery.
Gets your feedback of your stakeholders, customers, and end-users.You evaluate yourself
Gets your feedback of your stakeholders, customers, and end-usersYou evaluate yourself
There is a focus on speedy delivery.Here, the focus is speed as well as automation.
Not ideal for businesses.Ideal for businesses.
Smaller teams use Agile to deliver a project faster than expected.Larger teams use DevOps to share an equal workload.
Popular tools are Jira, Kanboard, BugzillaUses tools like AWS Cloud, Puppet, TeamCity, OpenStack, Chef
Can be used by any department.Must be used by engineering departments
Extremely light project documentation.Ample documentation
Are Agile and DevOps the same? 4

It’s A Wrap!

We knew that a lot of you used to believe that Agile and DevOps were the same. So, we wanted to tell you about Agile and DevOps’ major differences to erase this confusion but they are distinct.

From our vast experience, we believe you really needed to know the differences to effectively apply the strategies in your organizations for improved customer satisfaction.

We have been using both practices for many years. Having our very DevOps lab, we have brought the development and operations team to one place to solve all the engineering problems.

Wouldn’t you like to work with such a team? Does it mean that you want to develop software with us?

Perfect! Let’s get started.