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React JS – The Undisputed King of Frameworks in Market

  • Post published:January 12, 2021

Is react JS framework the best framework? Undoubtedly, yes but how can we make your mind about it? Well, behold because we are going to unravel some pretty awesome arguments backed by facts. Websites are a great way to influence users, make them stay, and increase conversions.

React enables you with its extensive library to make the website a little more interactive. Known as the ‘JavaScript Library for UI’ React has earned much value around the block lately.

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Exposé – Why is React JS framework the best in the market?

With such a high demand for React JS developers and React framework, we decided to see the truth behind its market popularity. Hence, now we are on the hunt to know how much weight this very claim holds? Why do developers love this framework?

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Let’s start!

  • With React, you get to enjoy the perks of declarative programming, which makes it easier for you to make an update in your app and render it pretty fast.
  • It saves you from the hassle of debugging and making the code more predictable, so to say. Design, simple, clear, and interactive UI designs in peace.
  • It is also stated that React empowers you to render the server by using Node.
  • This is not just it, you can also jump into mobile app development with React Native, which has been making the buzz lately.
  • Greater functionality is made possible using access to different libraries that offer reusable UI components and therefore people love building their projects with React. It offers high functionality with simplicity, which is a great combination.
  • Building interactive and dynamic web pages is a pretty challenging thing at the moment. Because of the businesses that are shifting to the online space with websites. React JS helps them to build the desired UI design, that is easily implemented and works faster.
  • Virtual DOM or also known as a document object model makes it possible for you to display the HTML documents in a particular browser for your users to see. It has made the developer’s job easier as well.
  • You can make the changes in real-time without delaying the functionality and this had made programming faster and better. For example, if you go on Facebook and open up a chat, you’ll see that your news feed page will automatically get reloaded and updates. That’s React JS at work, while you continue to use it.
  • You can achieve another advantage with React JS code reusability, where you can use the already in use components for UI and present them within the library to save time and effort.
  • Now that we have the latest hooks, developers don’t have to put extra effort and write classes for each component, and they can use the API without having to recreate the whole code block.

With React’s rise in demand, there are people who would want to know and learn more about it. Well, JavaScript has a very large and progressive ecosystem, and there is extensive documentation available not only about the updates by developers on Github. But you can also access React Tutorial to Get Started.

The High Demand for React JS Framework

With companies like Facebook supporting the hype and popularity of React JS, it seems that it is here to say, and react has been giving a tough time to vue as well.

See for yourself:

React JS – The Undisputed King of Frameworks in Market 3

While you are at it, take a peek at the yearly progress of how React has evolved over the years. And how its popularity increased after Facebook made it opens source and free for everybody’s use.

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The Ball is in Your Court – Build with React JS

Do you want to work on the front-end of a website? Do you have some simple components to upgrade? Well, react JS is here to stay and we are all up for it. It is more than building interactive and powerful UI for websites.

We’d say that rather than beating around the bush, go ahead and take the next step. Because React is as right as rain, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

So, make up your mind and make the choice. If you are still confused about whether to use react for your next project or not, ask vteams experts.