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The Right Path to a Successful Cloud Migration

  • Post published:May 27, 2021

The Cloud Computing industry is rapidly expanding in this technological era. Majority of the companies are now switching to cloud migration.

But for those who wish to know more, let’s revise our concepts regarding cloud computing and cloud migration first.

Fundamentally, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—from application to storage to processing power.

On the other hand, cloud migration is the process of moving data to cloud infrastructure. In other words, it is the transfer of data from old infrastructure to the cloud.

Now that you know what cloud computing is, let’s discover the right path to a successful cloud migration process.

The Roadblocks to Cloud Migration Destination

Before we dive into the effective cloud migration strategy, you should have a look at some of the challenges in the path of successful cloud migration that hamper the process.

1- Unclear Goals are Rudderless Ships

If there is an absence of cloud migration goals and a well-charted plan—either short-term or long-term—you’ll face a tough time in successful cloud migration. It will become a tedious task for your organization if there is an absence of thoroughly charted vision.

a roadmap to successful cloud migration

2- Ensure the Right Choice of Technology

If you don’t put the effort in choosing the right technology for cloud migration strategy, then you are burdening your organization with an enormous workload. It will lead you towards picking the wrong service model. That is why you should choose the right cloud migration technology.

3- The Right Set of Resources

For achieving the goal of successful cloud migration, you have to ensure that your organization is tapping the right people, processes, and technologies as part of your cloud migration strategy. Improper delivery and a flawed operational model are the perfect recipes for failure.

The Right Set of Resources

4- Pre-condition to success: Compliance & Security

Robust security stands tall amongst all the requirements for a cloud migration strategy. Data breaching is the biggest challenge in the process of migration to the cloud. Your data should comply with the relevant regulations for its protection.

Pre-condition to success: Compliance & Security

Best Practices Are the Best Instructions!

Let’s discuss the best practices for successful and smooth cloud migration strategy. If these practices are followed, smooth transition is ensured.

Pre-migration Stage

  • It would be best if you have a clear strategy insight. And as you move on, figure out why this strategy suits you the best
  • You need to identify your teams’ role and responsibilities
  • It would be best if you also adopt a precise governance model
  • Understand how the cloud operates and train your staff early
  • Identity your IT assets to measure your cloud migration strategy
Pre-migration Stage

Migration Stage

  • Take your first steps with small and straightforward processes
  • Identify the processes that can be automated
  • Adjust your internal processes to make the transition smooth
  • Leverage full managed services

Post-Migration Stage

  • Build a comprehensive cloud migration strategy that can be monitored.
  • Choose the best cloud-native monitoring tools

Mass-Migration Stage (Numerous Applications All at Once)

  • You should keep the record of your migration details and share them organization-wide
  • For smooth operations, define roles to monitor cloud migration operations
  • Appoint talented employees and define their responsibilities for a smooth transition
  • Outline an onboarding process for the new team members
  • Build tailor-made criterias for cloud migration for each application
  • Pass each of your applications through vigorous, predetermined tests
  • To increase efficiency, build reusable blueprints of migration patterns
  • Ensure communication across several teams in the organization

Successful Cloud Migration: Right Path is Not Always the Easiest

Successful cloud migration is a tedious path, but it is achievable if you are following the right cloud migration strategy. In a nutshell, the best practices and proper procedures will lead your business toward a smooth transition to cloud technology.

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