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Top 5 In-demand Tech Skills for Software Engineers

  • Post published:June 3, 2020

Top in-demand tech skills for software engineers are the popular skills that employers are looking for. Times have changed, so you can either be an expert in one field or you can be a multi-tasker to appear as an ideal candidate for companies.

As a software engineer or developer, you need to commit to lifelong learning in order to stay ahead of the curve. You have to add all the new technologies, skills in your bucket because you have to adapt to a constantly changing atmosphere in the industry and to thrive in your relevant field.

Get the opportunities that others might miss.

Remember, with these skills on your resume. Your boss will be impressed ( which is given), but there will be lots of opportunities coming your way whether remote or just working online.

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Top 5 In-demand Tech Skills

The latest research predicts that here are the most popular tech skills for software engineers especially in the year 2020-2021.

1. Data management

The need for real-time data management is increasingly becoming popular. The demand to have a data scientist or data analytical skills comes in handy when you have to work on the version control system. It needs attention to detail along with critical skills in order to maintain technical documentation, piles of data, and analyze them accordingly.

2. Design Aesthetics

The creative, unique, and user-centric approach in design can play a very important role in the success of any project whether it’s a website or any other tech product. Your philosophy reflects through your design without having to speak about it.

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3. Mobile App development

Mobile users are increasing, so companies are developing mobile apps for every website and business. Since the demand is on the soar, you might want to get into this too.

4. AI, AR, VR and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are currently revolutionizing the world as we know it. The world is yet to adapt to chatbots and automation tools. The day is here when you see Google keeps on suggesting to you about your favorite items to buy. It is exciting, right? You can learn more about human behaviors through social media algorithms and whatnot.

Augmented and virtual reality can be seen in how Gucci just launched a virtual “Shoes try-on feature.”

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Image by VRScout

5. Coding skills and Programming Languages

It may come as a surprise to many but being an expert in just one programming language won’t cut it. Job hunters and companies are looking for those who are well adapted in the latest programming languages, programming languages, frameworks, libraries, databases, statistical methods, workflow tools, etc.

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According to a recent report, the top IT jobs are software engineers and senior software engineers. But, the twist is that the companies will prefer those who are experts in several programming languages, for example, Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, C#, C, and NET. So, next time when you are asked about the skills. Be sure to go with a backup and by that, we mean trending and in-demand tech skills on your resume. You don’t have to put an extra effort to convince the interviewer, but your strong set of skills will automatically do it for you.

Why do you need remote tech skills for jobs?

 The new statistics and data suggest that the growing demand for multitalented software engineers with expertise in multiple tech skills is constantly growing. The remote and online work has made it more significant that the applicants should have more on their resume than just one expert area.

In 2002, the growing demand for tech hiring increased exponentially. It reveals that the upcoming times will be more challenging. The world might be moving towards automation, but no one can beat you if you have the right skills.

Land your dream job and Learn Popular Tech Skills

Many decision-makers have suggested that they still need more people working in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and database management. On top of this, employers tend to offer more perks, bonuses, and high salaries to those with expertise in popular and in-demand tech skills.

To thrive in the recent software market and tech industry, you need to be aware of the soft skills that will improve your professional development. It also includes communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership, and team-building skills.

Your future self will thank you

There are different online institutes, where you can learn the latest tech skills. They offer free and paid courses in the latest technologies and in-demand tech skills. If you decide to upskill your self today, it will result in a successful tomorrow.

But, if you are looking to hire a remote development team or a senior software engineer. Talk to us, and find a multitalented resource for your next project