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5 Basic Mores to Improve Your UI/UX Design

  • Post published:November 19, 2021

Do you want to know how to improve UI/UX design skills? Stay tuned!

Think of your web app as the face of your company that stays active round the clock 24/7. These days people have set a few metrics to determine a company’s overall standing and a good web app is 5th on the list. In this fast-paced industry, there are rarely second chances that can be availed. So with a few good UI/UX design tips you could give a positive first impression to your user and save your company reputation.

The majority gravitates towards having a great UI design when in fact the UX is the building block. Think of UX design as the skeleton of your overall design and UI is the light that makes it shine. A clear blueprint is required when designing a web app and UX provides nothing less than that.

So you’ll get to know some basic UI/UX design tips or “mores” that could instantly improve the web app for you and let you know where it stands.

Simplicity is Key

Are your web apps easy to operate? Think less about making the UI/UX design sophisticated. Keep the design element simple for the user to understand and interact with. A unique UI/UX design doesn’t have to be complex. On the contrary, creating the UI/UX design straightforward will help the user to navigate across your app easily.

Have the UI/UX design created in a way that every page has a single intent. Bloated pages are often less aesthetically pleasing and it can give the wrong message that you’re trying too hard.

Call to Actions (CTAs) in your web app should have a neutral quantity. This way the element of simplicity will be maintained in your UI/UX design.

Another UI/UX design tip is to avoid displaying annoying ads on your web app. Be true to what you’re selling. Simplicity will always set you apart from your competition.

Make Engaging Loading Screens

Apple is massively famous for its amazing UI/UX design. From Macbooks to iPhones, everything looks aesthetically brilliant until you see that rainbow of death. That rainbow circle that triggers the loading is too annoying.

A great UI/UX design tip is to have something good backed up when a loading screen is set to appear in your web app. It gets tedious staring at spinning circles over and over again.



We suggest using some kind of text mockups or some animated skeleton screen to make the waiting part engaging. Just as you invest time in making a good coming soon screen for your web app, try to implement a nice UI/UX design to load screens. Forgo the spinning loading circle.

Focus on The Content

Don’t dump all the content to the copywriters. This might sound contradicting at first but a UI/UX design tip here is to involve the team in producing the content. Good ideas are always curated through teamwork. Value the opinions and remarks of others in implementing content that is not pure sale.


There has to be a healthy balance in the content and graphical presentation of your website or app. The UI/UX design tips depend on a combination of text and illustration. Remember to do thorough research while identifying your audience this way you won’t get carried away when writing content because you don’t want to target the market circle that isn’t your true audience.

Clearly Define The Value

Your web app should have a clear value proposition for the users. Whatever you’re offering should be presented in an attractive way and the benefits/advantages to using your web app should be easily identified by the user himself.

Build trust by adding transparency in what you’re pitching to your target market. This will help a lot in attracting the right crowd.

Boost Interest Levels

One of the last UI/UX design tips is the motivation factor. Boring and stale UI/UX design will never convert your users to the CTA that you want. So, you’ll need to improve on 3 things:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Need
  3. Desire

Stimulating these three factors in your UI/UX design will give a good appeal to your user to take an action. If your product is bigger and complex, you’ll need to use emotional factors and logical appeals. Integrating this in your UI/UX design will fill in the gaps.

Boost Interest Levels

For instance, if your web app is to provide analytics of some kind it needs to possess all the relevant materials such as:

  • A moderate amount of triggers needs to be highlighted in the design.
  • Incentivized points need to be clear and accurate
  • All other pages need to have the same amount of dense visuals as the homepage
  • Avoid using any intrusive visual content that is deemed as inappropriate or irritating


These are some basic and general points that you can implement straight away to your web apps. You have to re-evaluate your UI/UX design throughout your web app which would let you know of any loopholes in the design.

Do you now clearly know how to improve UI/UX design skills? If not then don’t worry, our dedicated developers will help you in adding the much-needed MORES in your UI/UX design for your web app.