Our Clients Are Our Partners

This concept is lost to many companies. Here are direct quotes from our account managers that will give you an insight about our culture, priorities and most importantly, what your own experience will be like.

Jane from vteams:

“We see clients as an opportunity to build a relationship. If we’re not the right fit today, we might be in the future. That client is going to get the same attention from me as if they were a paid client. It’s about building a relationship, following up and reaching out – communication and relationship building.”

Mia from PressTigers:

“When you feel like you’re not a priority it puts a bad taste in your mouth in general. You always want to express to every client that they’re a priority and that you really do care. You want to get to know them, invest time in them and demonstrate that you care about what they’re doing.”

Amy from vteams:

“Even when money is the primary focus, many of my interactions are about relating to clients in small ways that make a difference. Personal touches take the edge off the conversation – I’m a collector of money but it’s all in the way you approach it. It’s my job to make that experience enjoyable for everyone. Not only does that pay off in many aspects but remembering that we’re people and we’re dealing with people, that human aspect is vital.”

You’re a human being with aspirations and expectations, just like every one of us; every employee here at vteams, from our development managers to our graphic designers, is determined to bring your projects to fruition in a way that makes you feel good about our company.

In our eyes, that means unerring client communication and service, transparent business dealings, an obligation to deadline, and programming the quality of which will make you question the way you’ve viewed offshore companies thus far. A strong customer service culture can’t be copied.

Katherine Barchetti of Coldwell Banker once said,

“Make a customer, not a sale.”

Both our client retention rates and the testimonials we’ve chosen to highlight on this site reflect our dedication to this idea.

We have worked with numerous clients over the last 24 years to deliver large projects and quick bug fixes. If your situation is listed below, rest assured that your needs will be taken care of in a professional manner.

One Person Start-Ups

A one person start-up is a powerful category, as this is where unbelievable growth occurs as well as unbelievable failure.

We’ve had one person start-ups that remained on Inc 500′s Fastest Growing Companies list for years, just as we’ve had those who mortgaged their homes to pay for software development only to fail and fade to black.

Large Companies

The needs of large companies are different from the rest. Most likely your biggest challenge is a huge project backlog and a severe shortage of good engineers. You’ve tried recruiting locally, but were unable to hire the right talent for your projects.

Then there’s the challenge of integrating an offshore team with your in-house developers and making the whole thing work.

Having done this for two decades, and having worked with our share of large and prestigious names on the Fortune 500 list, we’ve come to the ultimate conclusion that our company is not cut out to work with the IT departments of large companies. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy associated is too much for us.

On the other hand, some of our greatest successes stories stem from end users at large companies who decided to bypass their IT departments for the same reasons, and worked with us directly. In these situations, we were the product development team instead of being an army of .NET drones.

If you’re running the IT department of a large company, please be warned: we’re too fast and too furious for a run-of-the-mill development project.

If you’re in this situation and decide to bypass your IT department because they’ve put your requests on a backlog (which they intend to fill in a few years), leaving you with a need for a guerilla team who can quickly and efficiently develop a successful solution for you, we are the right team for you. Our specialty is working with end users directly and getting software done for them.

Mid-Sized Companies

Let’s first define a mid-sized company. It’s a privately held corporation, with revenues under 50M per year, still run by the founder, and may or may not have a full-blown IT department.

If you’re a mid-sized company fitting the above definition, you are probably the founder of such a company, or someone who reports directly to the founder.

You will be delighted with what we have in store for you. Your needs are our sweet spot, and we can help you develop the software you’ve been dreaming about.

Web Developers

You’re likely more familiar with the concept of “feast or famine” better than anyone else in this segment. Sometimes there is no work and other times there’s far too much.

If you are in that situation, we have more than one solution which can facilitate the growth of your business and help you make a decent profit.

If you are sizable, you can set up one or two permanent engineers on your team. They can become your routine developers. When you pick up bigger projects, we can add more people to your team on an on-demand basis. Once the big projects are done, we can scale your team back to the normal size.