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Is PHP dead? Python vs PHP

  • Post published:September 24, 2020

It is very crucial to select a programming language for your project, tougher than choosing a life partner. Yes, and it gets more challenging when the competition is close enough, between Python vs PHP. To make the right choice, you have to analyze both and weigh their pros and cons.

How can PHP die? 78.9% of the web is using PHP as per recent data.

If you are looking to build a website with either PHP or python. you got to go through this quick comparison. No need to tear your hair, we just sorted all this fuss for your peace of mind.

Is PHP dead?

For remote engineering companies, software industry experts, and developers, there are questions to keep us up at night. With so many controversies surrounding this language, we decided to debunk the myths and put all the notions to test. So let’s talk facts.

Is it really a dead language? Not really and it is not going to die anytime soon. But how has it survived the test of time?

Let’s bust all these myths and find out the truth together!

Which is the best development language? – Pythons vs PHP

General-purpose programming language for backend web developmentObject-oriented language mainly preferred for backend web development. Moreover, you can see Top PHP skills to see recent trends.
Fewer frameworks comparatively that include Dango and Flask.Variety of Frameworks such as Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Zend, and Codelgniter.
Easier, more like a human language.Complex syntax. That’s why you hire experienced experts.
Rapid deployment process, as modern businesses are preferring it for this very core feature.It is open-source, so you can find a wider community across the globe. Deployment is seamless.
Its applications can be mostly witnessed in machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and Data Science.PHP based on different products can be found across various industry verticals.
Python’s maintenance is considered easier.It is said to be difficult to be maintained.
Python has certain limitations and challenges when it comes to installation.It has an edge over python, as it is easier to install whether its windows or Linux.
Its popularity is on the rise, but it has a low learning curve.More opportunities when it comes to the learning curve.

What did I tell you?

It’s a tough choice to make between both programming languages, as they bring about remarkable results. But you know how they say,

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

What should be your next step? You have to make the final move and get going.

Don’t know where to start? – Hire PHP developer

It sucks, when you are left stranded with an unfinished project or not with the product that you had in mind. The confusion can be overwhelming and you are absolutely justified to get mad. But, what if you could reverse it all? Never made the mistake of choosing the wrong technology and the wrong resources. You don’t have to bear all the weight on your shoulders and hire a team of experts.

Is PHP dead? Python vs PHP 1

With PHP, many businesses are getting benefits from small scale to large scale companies. You can hire a PHP developer or a dedicated team of developers to get solutions and fulfill your unique business needs. Here are some of the areas in development that include, Laravel Development, Mysql Programming, PHP Lamp Development, Yii Framework Development, Custom Development, Codeigniter Framework Development, PHP Extensions Development, and PHP Libraries.

Is PHP dead? Python vs PHP 2

On a fun note, do you know? PHP7 is considered faster than Python.

But, if you are looking to hire python developers, that is great too. If you are going to build your next breakthrough project. Are you looking to hire remote developers? Don’t delay and hire the developer of your choice.

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