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Can you pass this HIPAA Risk Assessment checklist?

  • Post published:January 28, 2021

HIPAA Risk Assessment says that you have to safeguard Protected Health Information(PHI), which means that if you have a hospital then you need to protect the privacy and security of the confidential data. The buzz surrounding HIPAA Risk Assessment not only includes HIPAA Audit Checklist that can help you prevent unusual risks. But how do you save yourself from all this? How can you prevent these incidents from happening?

You can avoid blunders, heavy fines, and also any legal repercussions by following the set standards, rules, and regulations set as per the ‘Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.’

Let’s move ahead without wasting any more time!

HIPAA Risk Assessment – Know to remain on the safe side

Are you following the necessary steps that are followed for HIPAA Compliance? But in order to avoid the pothole, you need to do it beforehand. Because sometimes it’s better to be cautious and stop the events before they come into the play. HIPAA is mainly known as’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was created to protected health information ( PHI) and safeguard patient’s confidential and secretive data. If you fail to do, you can get into trouble. HIPAA is basically a powerful tool in your hand to set standard compliance rules in order to protect the information and data.

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Technology is helping many organizations and companies to protect their data by building smart solutions. You can do the compliance by building software solutions. If the data is breached then your organization’s reputation gets maligned and financial losses in form of heavy fines will also tarnish the image. Because people won’t be able to trust you anymore and data breaches of privacy can cause significant damage. You have to train your own employees because their unintentional or intentional negligence can lead you under the sanctions issued by the department of health and human services.

Data is power in today’s age, as it can be used to advantage, it can be manipulated and used against you and it can be stolen. Sometimes, it can happen that despite following everything but you have to look at the checklist, and here is a quick look at all the rules for your ease.

To avoid HIPAA violations, you need to protect not only the sensitive and confidential data but you get to use technology in order to create solutions. To draw this checklist, we have reviewed the Health Information Technologies for Economic and Clinical Health(HITECH), which is deemed very significant for HIPAA IT Compliance.

Handle it all with HIPAA Risk Assessment Checklist:

Technical Safety ChecklistPhysical Safety ChecklistAdministrative Checklist
– Leverage advanced technological solutions to protect data and safeguard data centers for HITECH.
– Inculcate a 100% secure authentication process to give limited access to the data users.
– Setup checkpoints using different security mechanisms involving software solutions to give authorization to limited people.
– Increase the encryption for data messages and transfer of information. Keep the audit control of the data and safety parameters.
– Have the activity logs checked on regular basis to give controlled access.
– Run different HIPAA Risk assessment test to know the loopholes and curtail sham attacks.
– You also need to take care of the physical ecosystem for data management and patient-related information. Give limited access to only a few authorized people.
– It is also vital to note that the work stations for the people managing the HIPAA compliance for your organization and data should be placed in a separate place, and in a more secured atmosphere where not many people can go.
– Tighten the security by governing the device usages and systems containing relevant information. – Maintain the security of inventory and create different security steps to access the physical and tangible data documents.
– Run assessment tests and audit to identify the weak areas in compliance and security. It will allow you to create protection and security solutions.
– Introduce a risk management system for data, and use tools to create various blocks in order to prevent the data breaches and also create specific solutions for different types of data breaches.
– Train your employees to manage any kind of emergency situation, handle data carefully, and to follow the protocols as set by the HIPAA compliance act( including the most recent amendments and updates).
– If you come across any issues after the testing, then create reports and create develop strategies to handle the violations.
Can you pass this HIPAA Risk Assessment checklist? 2

Are you following all these compliance standards? If you seem to be missing any of these, then don’t sit around because it leaves rooms for attacks and breaches.

Secure Your Future – Become HIPAA Compliance Certified

In today’s age and time, it takes a very systematic way to build silver bullet solutions that can help you protect the data. I mean look here, that it’s not just your data is at stake but it involves your organization’s reputation and also patient’s privacy. If the privacy is violated due to any willful negligence knowingly or unknowingly then you are directly answerable to the law enforcement institutions.

Are you ready to take the HIPAA Risk Assessment test?

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