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Kotlin Language – A New Hope for Android Developers

  • Post published:January 15, 2021

For Android development, Kotlin programming language is considered to be the best right now. But what is kotlin syntax? What is kotlin development? To uncover the secret behind this buzz, we are going to find answers to all these questions.

With Kotlin you have modern statistical features, faster development, and less chance of error. Therefore, programmers and developers prefer kotlin, as it equips them with all the right resources and tools to start with. Do you know? Android studio can help you convert java code into kotlin code.

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Let’s get on with it already!

A New Hope – What is kotlin development?

Kotlin is a modern and powerful programming language that became popular not only in the android app development market segment but it has gained its ground in the hearts of programmers and developers. But the real question is that what is in it for us? No one wants to delay the development process, right? Similarly, people want to use the programming language for apps that will support users irrespective of the device they are using. You cannot provide an app that only runs on a specific device.

Kotlin Language – A New Hope for Android Developers 2

Known for its flexibility, and many other advantages, Kotlin was also supported greatly by Android studio. You can say that it is for android developers, what swift is for the iOS community. So let’s find out the amazing benefits that make it so distinctive.

Take a peek and decide for yourself if all the buzz is worth it.

Achieve Benefits for Android Development with Kotlin Programming Language

As we have said earlier that kotlin is said to be the most suitable programming language to build android apps at a much faster rate. Do you know? 60% of the android developers prefer using this language to build apps as quoted by Android studio. Not only that but it helps you to boost your development process productivity, increase satisfaction, and sustain code safety. But there is so much more to it.

Kotlin Language – A New Hope for Android Developers 3

Take a peek at what it has in store for you:

  • With the help of modern powerful features offered by kotlin, you have enabled apps with expressive, concise, and cleaner code. No complexities and no delays!
  • Its interoperability makes it compatible to work with another tech stack such as it can work well with Java. So, you don’t have to build a project just with kotlin, you can also use kotlin and java.
  • It is claimed that asynchronous programming makes it much easier for you to make desired updates and changes while the other operations can work perfectly well without any stop or hindrance.
  • It is applauded for a lesser runtime, which is a plus, as many people are in hurry to save their time and resources. So, you can just hire a dedicated time to help you build android apps with kotlin programming language.
  • It is also said that if you build an android app with kotlin, then the chances of app crash are 20% lesser. Numbers don’t lie, and with that, you can avoid NullPointerExceptions with Nullable and NonNull.
  • No one is left behind because Kotlin’s compatibility with JDK6 makes it able to work on the older devices as well.
  • With support from Android studio and all the developers, it has built a great fan following in the Android ecosystem, so there is a large community and one can learn a lot. If you are interested, you can get started today.

You can also build amazing, powerful, and higher quality apps using Kotlin just like some of the world’s top companies built their apps. Take a look at the below image to see for yourself:

Kotlin Language – A New Hope for Android Developers 4
Apps Built Using Kotlin Programming language

Build your Next app with kotlin Programing Language from Scratch

There was a time when app development and software development was limited to a few tech stack, but with the advancement of technology, now we have so many options. If you are someone who came here searching for the best programming language or if you are still deciding upon the choice to whether build your android app with kotlin programming language.

Don’t worry, we have expert developers on board who can help you decide. What to do next? How to start? Put all these questions to rest, and let’s talk.

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