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How are we hosting an online webinar with zoom?

  • Post published:May 22, 2020

From remote work collaborations to social events, the world is raving about zoom. People are using the zoom to broadcast live events, online classes, and manage online zoom interviews. It is not just limited to webinars, but one can explore several features.

This article will help you discover all the things that you can use with zoom to hold an online webinar and arrange video conferences.

In addition to this, who knows? you might be able to build your own conference apps or even better products.

How can you schedule your online webinar with zoom?

You have to follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your zoom account and select “webinars.”
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  • Click on the “schedule my webinar.” After this simply enter the duration, date, and time.
How are we hosting an online webinar with zoom? 2
  • You can “invite attendees,” and ask them to register via a form that can be approved by you or you can select the automatic approval.
  • It is simple to form that requires name and email only. This also allows many people to follow up on the attendees and ask them any specific questions in the form.
  • Attendees can also simply join the webinar through a link or a password sent or shared by you.
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  • You can enable the feature that allows the attendees to ask questions during the webinar. This feature is more useful during interactive webinars and conferences. You can find this easily by clicking on “Webinar Options.”
  • There are so many advanced options, where you can allow the attendees to use audio, restrict their video or audio. Moreover, you can record the online webinar and share it on other social media platforms.
  • You can save the webinar as a template, for future webinar series. You can also save it for future reference or share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc

If you are still looking for some more clarity. You may find this webinar tutorial useful:

Why do you need an app like zoom?

There are different strengths of this online platform based on its diverse features that include:

  • Companies are developing audio and video conferencing apps like zoom. It is essential to use online platforms, now that the world is rapidly adapting to the remote work.
  • It is the need of the hour to have an interactive platform. Enterprises prefer their own customized solutions when it comes to video conferencing, video interviews, or online conferences. It provides a sense of security and privacy.
  • Google meet is also an example of this particular trend. In addition to this, educational organizations, online training institutes are adapting to these newfound ways of virtual meetups.
  • It has become easier to just conduct classes live from your kitchen or attend your workshops from the comfort of your own bedrooms.
  • Professional and educational workshops are not the only thing. You can attend video interviews and zoom meetings to pitch ideas to your boss or prospective client.
  • Aesthetics are also not lost on zoom, so it allows you to set up imagery or background. If you want to give a professional appearance to the boss, this is your go-to feature.

Can I build my own app like zoom?

Yes, it’s totally doable. So, the question is: why pay for online meetings and video calls? When you can do it for free. Yes, your one-time investment to create your own audio/video calling app will save you money and time.

vteams can help you turn your idea into reality in the form of your own personalized product.

If you are looking to build or create your own video conferencing audio/ video app just like zoom. Feel free to share your idea with us.

Let’s discuss the possibilities!