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How to become a Skilled Django Developer

  • Post published:December 3, 2020

Is Django worth learning? Is it easy to learn? What is required to become a skilled Django Developer?

Are these questions stopping you from learning Django?

Be sure that we are going to unveil the main benefits Django offers to coders worldwide.

You can learn how this framework works and what necessary skills are required to master it.

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What is Django?

Designed by skilled developers, Django is a framework written in Python to quickly develop applications because of the speed it offers.

Errors can be easily avoided while designing an application as Django takes security seriously enough.

Django’s capability to swiftly and flexibly scale an application is considered it’s one of the biggest advantages.

As it is a strong framework controlled by Python, you must have a good know-how of Python basics to become a Django Developer.

For you to design websites that leave an impact on the viewer, Django is a dominant framework to get started with. It permits the fast development of protected and sustainable websites.

You can code the application with ease as it very well caters to the hassle of design and development.

Is Django Framework an Easy Choice for the Developers?

Is it trouble to select the best Python framework to get started with?

Indeed, from full-stack to each non-full stack, there are several Python frameworks available and each addresses specific development needs.

The majority of companies use the Django framework as it appears an easy choice for them. But why?

The Django developer gets simplicity, reliability, scalability, and flexibility as benefits. It makes it calmer to handle any work in Laravel or Yii.

It proposes many other features, for instance:

  • A Simple Syntax
  • A Built-in webserver
  • Model-View-Controller’s core architecture
  • Batteries Built-in
  • An Object Relational Mapper
  • HTTP libraries
  • Middleware Support, etc.
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Is Django Only Popular for Website Development?

Django is legendary to create complex, database-driven websites. It is certainly easy to build and maintain websites by applying this framework.

The open-source platform lays emphasis on reusability through rapid development, less coding, and available APIs.

You must be thinking why code from scratch when there are numerous builders available such as Squarespace or WordPress?

Well, the thing is that there are certain benefits that you can get when going for the Django approach.

Not everyone prefers to use a pre-built CMS system to design a website, many of you like to go with a tailor-made approach.

So, to design personalized and state-of-the-art themes, the Django framework is a great option to get scalable solutions.

Top Companies that Are Using the Django Framework

  1. Disqus
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. Spotify
  5. Bitbucket
  6. Dropbox
  7. Mozilla
  8. Pinterest
  9. The Washington Post
  10. Eventbrite

As you can see, there are lots of companies that use Python’s Django framework to develop fast, scalable, and forceful websites.

Undoubtedly, the choice is increasing and the popularity is touching the skies. Today, you must learn to use this framework to solve masses of problems that occur while designing different sorts of apps and sites.

Did we leave you wondering what Django developer skills you need?

Let’s learn how to become a skilled Django developer.

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How to Become a Skilled Django Developer?

1) Polish Your Skills

As it is written and designed using Python, we should have a sound grip on Python to get an education in the Django framework.

2) Online Tutorials

You can consider this option as an early plan to jump into the game and take the second step accordingly. First and foremost, begin with learning the basics.

You can opt for several online tutorials as many websites offer free-of-cost lessons. There as some that require payment but most websites are open to anyone to apply.

3) Perquisites Needed to Learn

  1. Syntax of Python
  2. Programming Conditionals (or Selection)
  3. To pass the argument to the Python function
  4. Setting the default value
  5. A list of Python values using *args and **kwargs
  6. String and string manipulation operations
  7. Python understanding in data and image files excess
  8. Python modules and external module import technique
  9. Knowledge of Regular Expression (RE)
  10. Practical familiarity on how to use data structures Tuple and List
  11. Know-how of all functions allied with these data structures
  12. Web programming language knowledge is necessary
  13. Object-Oriented Concepts
  14. knowledge of Object Relational Mapper
  15. Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
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Django is a great addition to your current skills as it offers a promising career. You can meet the demands of the upgrading technical changes that are constantly rolling.

Moreover, Django is a rich framework to cater to large volumes of files, heavy traffic. It can very well deal with complex functions or powerful technologies such as machine learning.

The Django Developer’s Salary

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