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The Sick Man of Development – Single Page Applications

  • Post published:January 1, 2021

Single page applications are all the rage, and one of the major reasons is that it’s a trend to create SPA’s. But, is it the right approach to create website applications? Everything has it its own significant advantages and disadvantages. Either you can go for single page applications ( SPAs) and multipage applications, so the question is: What would you choose? Are you a trend follower? There is nothing wrong with following the recent trends because you have to walk with recent times. But, if it were you, what would you choose? You don’t have to answer the question right away, let’s find out together.

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However, it is very important to analyze the choice before going for it, as choosing the technology and the product development process is crucial for the success of your desired journey.

Since you are here, so let’s dig a little deeper to make the decision for you.

First Things First- Get to Know Single Page Applications

Basically, single-page applications usually rely on client-side rendering, which means that they are not dependent on the server and help you save lots of time. However, it can be argued that data comes from the server APIs usually in the form of JSON. So, a simple presentation can be made on the front-end using JSON. Single page applications (SPAs) are quite popular due to their high performance and the loading time is lesser as compared to other web apps, because they are working inside a browser.

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How do you do create single-page applications? Well, you can leverage the latest technology to create single-page applications. But is it wise to do so?

Build a Single Page Application – How to make the right choice?

From small online businesses to enterprise-level businesses, everyone is thrilled by the idea. But would you be doing it, just because everyone else is doing it? To make this decision easier, we have a comparison chart for you to see the merits, demerits, and challenges that can come with making this choice.

See for yourself!

The Good ThingsNot So Good
You get the ease, as rendering and loading time of pages is reduced.This challenge is often raised by developers that it is difficult to optimize the single page applications concerning SEO purpose especially those SPA’s that are built using Angular.
No reliance on server, as operations are smoothly carried out within the browser environment.There may have been some arguements related to memory leaks and clearing the cache. But as now experts can always find a way to reduce that issue.
You can give a richer and better user-interface experience to your users, visitors and customers.It is observed that single page applications reply on JavaScript, APIs and third party plugins, so it is highly likely that the errors might be lost in translation. It is possible that you wont be able to trace the errors.
Overall network traffic is reduced, because data is transferred through JSON rather than you send request to the server.Code can create complexity, if the backend code is different and front-end is different.
It is easier to debug and setup the single web app in a browser, make changes in JavaScript code because you have access to single HTML or CSS bundles. So you can easily deploy the app and confugure it on a web server.What if the user disables the JavaScript in his or her browser? It would be troubling to load the page, and the performance issues will be more.
You get to make use of APIs.It is said that cross site scripting (XSS) gives attackers the room to hack these web apps, so its less secure.
Caching of the local data is effectively done without disturbing the user experience. So user will easily navigate, even when the connection is not ideal. 

Do you know? One of the top web apps are single page applications? Yes, you’d be surprised to know that Netflix, Twitter, Google Maps, and Trello are made using this approach.

Create Your next Single Page Application – Is it the right decision?

Do you have some confusion related to the development of SPA’s? Do you want to discuss the architecture of single page applications? Well, then no need to hesitate because you have access to the world’s top developers who can make the decision easier for you.

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