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6 benefits of SEO Optimization through Google My Business

  • Post published:June 4, 2020

Why do you need google my business listings? How can you optimize your online business with google my business? The chances to improve the ranking of your online business with Google my business are comparatively higher.

This article will guide you through all the benefits to improve your SEO optimization with the help of Google listing. On top of that, we will tell you how to do it. But first, let us tell you why you need to optimize with Google my Business.

Why do you need a Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business acts like a directory that makes your online business easier to find. It allows you to reach out to your potential customers and boost your presence at a local or international level.

According to Search Engine Roundtable that 46% of the search has local intent. One can take a lot of advantage from this by using a platform like Google my Business, which is Free of Cost.

What are the Benefits of Google my Business?

Even if you are looking to boost your ROI and create an impactful online presence, optimize SEO with Google listing

1: Appear in Google Maps Searches

With online reviews, now consumers have started locating businesses through Google maps. Once you have listed your business on Google, it can show your location and presence to nearby potential customers. It improves your online appearance and you show up in Google searches. So, if you create a Google My Business listing, it allows the users to find you sooner.

2: Get into exclusive Google’s Local 3-Pack

Google 3-pack is like an exclusive club, where businesses with high rankings can enter. You don’t need over the top magical SEO tricks to get into this. Simply create an account on Google My Business listing and increase your chances of showing up at the top. Yes, you increase your chances to show up even before those organic searches. It is reported that businesses include in Google 3-Pack usually get a 700% boost in clicks on their online business websites. Well, now this is what we call magic with smart work.

3: Create a Loyal Customer Base

You can earn the trust and confidence of your customers. It’s not harder to convince millennials or generation-Z (even boomers now), first bring them to the purchase point. It means that you have to help them find you and then they can view your presence on Google. That’s where your first impression begins, make it worth a while.

You are more likely to be found and trusted if you show up in Google local searches. Create a trustworthy environment for your business with Google my Business.

4: Reviews and Ratings Boost Your Demand

The appeal that you create in front of your target audience or the potential customers, it is also made by those star ratings and Google reviews. If you were to buy something, would you go for the higher-rated product or the lower? Yes, the decision is that simple.

The reviews by your customers are honest feedbacks and evaluation of the provided services. Hence, if you are doing a commendable job, you will collect higher ratings on Google. Get reviews and respond in a helpful manner. That’s what gives you a competitive edge over others on Google and in real life as well.

 5: Increase Web Traffic, Engagement, and Sales

Maintain your website traffic and increase sales and you can get pretty high numbers with Google my business. A recent report by Google revealed that businesses can get 70% more traffic through browsing of locations. So your potential customer is 50% more likely to find you through Google My Business Listing. Directly talk to your customers and engage with them.

Google My Business

6: Free Advertising on Google

Many companies allocate a specific budget for Google Ad campaigns. Now, not everybody has the budget for ads. The other way is to improve SEO with content and it creates a sustainable presence and ranking. You can also use GMB to post informative or ad-based posts concerning your online business.

6 benefits of SEO Optimization through Google My Business 3

Basically Google My Business is more than just another account, it has numerous services that include, you can talk to your customer and publish posts ( they are just mini Ads).

Get your Business on Google My Business

Create a Google my business listing and get a free advertisement on Google. It increases your value, as you are being appreciated by the most trusted search engine and increase your credibility.

In short, add SEO optimization through Google My Business into your marketing strategy today and let your customers find you even before meeting. Stand out among your competitors in the market by just making an account.

Do you know you can always add APIs on Google my Business account for multiple listings? You can get insights on users, customers, and audit your SEO ranking. If your team can do it, better get to it. But, if you need some help with custom API integration, let’s talk today!