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5 popular angular based apps

  • Post published:September 23, 2020

Do you know about Google’s “favorite” open-source front-end framework? Yes, you guessed it right, the most talked-about framework Angular ( also known as Angular2) that replaced Angular JS.

We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s get on with it!

Top 5 Popular angular based apps

With the rise in e-commerce and shift towards online business, popular frameworks and technologies are preferred. These technologies are your way to accomplish success and get the desired results.

You can build different kinds of Angular based apps, which include web apps, mobile apps, one-page apps. This framework provides you an edge to build interactive, user-centric, and high performing apps. You don’t have to do any extra effort of installing a plugin, because this framework fulfills your business needs. So we decided to tell you about web apps that are rocking at the moment.

Are you excited? We are thrilled too because these are some amazing angular based apps that all of us use.

1- Gmail

Starting with the widely used free email service, that helps you connect with anyone in the world. It’s intuitive, as you go along typing something ( Love the suggestions, by the way, Thumbs up Google). The easy to use the app is helping millions around the world, Do you know? Gmail supports 105 languages.

2- Netflix

Imagine, if someone told you to “Kibble and Chill.” What? Yes, that was our first expression too. Netflix was formerly known as Kibble and they changed the name for good. It is quoted that Netflix uses an angular framework for its animations. We don’t need to defend if it is popular. As it already is, but just wanted to let you know that it is backed by amazing technology.

3- iStock Photo

Who doesn’t like something Free? Well, this is one of the most popular sites, where you can find the phenomenal work of many photographers, designers, and artists. It offers you access to clip arts, animations, illustrations, and images. Uses Angular, and how so rightly? You’ll know what I am talking about after you fo through the top 6 reasons.

4- Freelancer

C’mon, do I still need to go on and on about the introduction. This is one of the largest website, where you can go and hire developers, designers, and freelancers. It is a large community of those who seek remote work, and also for employers to get to know the talent around the globe. The thing that stood out after using their website is how lightweight and interactive its UI is. You scroll, and it feels like swaying.

5- Clarity Design System

It is an open-source system for the design and development of creating exceptional products. It’s a wonderful experience for UI/UX designers and developers to utilize this system for their benefit. It not only offers some greater angular components but is regarded as one of the most popular angular based apps. How cool? Walk the Talk like never before!

Spilling the beans – Why use Angular?

The thing is that you can build your own apps just like the above mentioned with Angular. If you have an idea that you want to transform into an app. Before you go, let us tell you about some kickass Angular based apps and their benefits to help you get on board. Shall we? We are pretty pumped too!

5 popular angular based apps 1

Here you go…

6 Reasons to build Angular based apps

Javascript technology offers many options when it comes to development. Angular is one of the popular frameworks right now, that needs no introduction. yet, we would want to know. What is all the fuss about?

  1. With angular, you have the freedom and flexibility to build cross-platform and robust angular based apps. It gives you shelf solutions and that too at a much faster rate.
  2. Known for its speedy development process, you can create one-page web apps, mobile apps, and the incredibly user-friendly UI designs and animations.
  3. It has its own official libraries, so the high-security standards are followed. You are already sorted here! C’mon, do we need any more reason?
  4. Typescript is the rockstar of the future and undeniably the most amazing way to scale up apps. You can save so much time as you type the app and simultaneously find bugs. Fixing bugs as you proceed to build your app. A cost-effective solution for those looking for quicker and better solutions.
  5. Do you know? You can automate the QA process by testing angular tools to reduce the possibility of errors. Save time and effort, as you seamlessly build with a Cleaner Code.
  6. A modern user-based feature of modular development structure allows you to lessen the load time and increase performance. Yes, your user won’t leave the page, automatically giving you time to convert visitors into customers.

Start your Journey Today – Angular is the Future

Now what? Yes if you have an idea, then don’t delay it anymore. The world is moving at a very fast pace. Don’t feel overwhelmed because we have got ya! If you still have some questions. Do you want to discuss your choice of technology? Talk to experts and hire dedicated developers to build angular based apps for your next project!

Let’s discuss this today!