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Top 5 3D Modeling Software Tools for Designers

  • Post published:September 18, 2020

You are welcome to the ultimate guide of some eye-popping 3D Modeling Software Tools to make the impossible real with implausible artwork, special effects, and animation. Within this guide, you are going to learn what makes these 3D modeling tools so awesome apart in a better way.

In the computer graphics world, 3D modeling software tools are used to design prototypes of software products, simulation, visual effects, photorealistic illustrations, mockups to present to the clients, also to craft blueprints, etc.

Undeniably, picking the correct 3D modeling tool is vital to crafting software designs with minimal fuss. Just to help you select the best ones, here is the list of top 3D modeling software tools in 2020.

3D Modeling Software Tools for Designers

1- MAYA: The epitome of “Cool”

Do you wish to bring your character to life? MAYA is the dead-on choice for creating hyper-realistic 3D models.

Maya is a 3D computer animation, 3D modeling, simulation, and rendering software; a tool this is loaded with interactive implements and dazzling features.

You can explore the techniques of creating realistic fluid flames like volcano eruptions, clouds mist, fog, steam, and smoke. Maya fluid effects also let you create fire explosions or nuclear blasts, even calm or rough ocean effects, etc.

Bit frost is a newly introduced visual environment to generate splashes, waves, snow, sand storms, or to make the water gush from a high-pressure hose, etc.

Rendering with Arnold in Maya can be used to attain complex characters such as a backdrop, lightening, solid body features such as hair, fur, skin, and others.

Wish to get started with Maya already? Well, Maya as one of the top 3D modeling software tools isn’t for the faint-hearted. No joke, it is the most famous in the gaming and film industry but a little complex to learn too.

2- Blender: The good stuff!

Do you like the movie Life of Pi?

The stunning visuals of the movie were created using the Blender 3D modeling tool. As a matter of fact, the movie was vividly realistic, gave a vibe as if you were in an art gallery.

Blender is one of the 3D modeling software tools that are free to use. It’s an open-source 3D modeling software that lets you do rendering and tone mapping, you can simulate fluids, have you seen water splashing in Coca-Cola or Pepsi commercials? Yeah, that thing. You can even generate smoke out of a hot food plate, etc.

Don’t have a video editing software? Blender also has an in-built video editing tool; you can execute video cuts and merging, also video masking and color grading, etc.

Video compositing is a common special effect-technique that combines images from different sources and make them look like a single image. A flawless example can be weather reports seen on Television. Apparently, it looks like the person is standing in front of a screen but in-real it’s a blank-screen. Graphic designers use 3D modeling software tools to achieve that backdrop.

Furthermore, Blender handles live-action footage, motion tracking, digital sculpting, make oceans, hairy images, even in-built game editor.

3- Cinema 4D: A software second to none

Our pick out of the best 3D modeling software tools is also Cinema 4D. If you need any help to model in 3D, this is the 3D modeling tool to reach for first.

Did you know that Cinema 4D was also used in the making of Black Panther, Avenger: Infinity War? That’s correct.

This is an effective 3D modeling, motion graphics, painting, and animation solution for 3D artists to achieve realistic and splendid results. The software offers impressive:

  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • Texturing

You can check out the review here

The Cinema 4D R20 version is the latest in this technology. It offers a pool of dynamic features, extremely easy to learn, and very well known for its stability.

“The possibilities are endless; your creativity is unleashed – it’s time to jump in the deep end.”

Via Maxon

4- AUTODESK 3D MAX: Just awesome

Autodesk is one of the 3D modeling software tools that are a part of Autodesk’s architecture collection built especially for Windows users for modeling, animation, and rendering purposes.

The software aids 3d modeling designers to create a gigantic game interface, create detailed characters, and customization. Just like Maya, simulation of physical properties can be well achieved such as water, oil, lava, etc.

It offers the following features.

5- ZBrush: Worth paying money for

Zbrush is famous for natural 3D modeling offering advanced tools to 2D/3D artists and most preferred for sculpting & painting programs.

The software is primarily used to achieve high-resolution 3D models for movies, video games, to achieve special effects, etc. Famous movies like Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, Rango, and The Pirates of the Caribbean wowed you with their fantastic and effortless experience.

Click here if you wish to learn about it in detail.

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