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Our engineers make your job easier, safer, efficient by designing prototypes, building bots, and maintaining software to control them.

Hire Robotics Engineers

Hire robotics engineers

Our Clients

Our Clients

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Hire Robotics Engineers through vteams as we work dedicatedly to deliver high-tech robotics solutions to you.


Our expert dedicated robotics engineers use multiple tools to build, develop software for robot control and automation.


We strive to make useful machines that ease your lives and bring solutions to problems by using robotics and automation.


Hire robotics engineers who engage and work on a diverse range of mechanical projects ensuring successful work on DFMA.

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Sean Downey


Working with vteams over the past 6+ years… Working with vteams over the past 6+ years has been an excellent experience. The products they have produced for our company are first class. The flexibility they have provided my organization has allowed us to continue to grow in a very efficient way.

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2

Karin Ballestrazze

Managing Partner

We've been very pleased with our partnership! We've been very pleased with our partnership with vteams. The staff to date have been collaborative, forward-thinking, have excellent follow-through, are quick to resolve issues, have juggled numerous tasks at once, and handle change very well. They have provided us with excellent team leads, developers and QA resources.

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2

Matt W.


I choose to work with vteams as an extension to my development teams
Hassan works closely with me to understand my specific needs and requirements and works to place the most capable developers available to my team. The service, communication and output is outstanding and I appreciate the fact that he understands my business and my needs. I can't recommend the folks at vteams highly enough. Their team is super easy to work with and I must say they did an excellent job updating our website. They were able to make all the changes we required and were responsive while doing it.

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2

Delanea Davis

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

We’ve worked with vteams for two years… We’ve worked with vteams for two years now and LOVE our devoted development team! They have technical expertise, customer service and are committed to delivering an excellent product. We would highly recommend them for all of your app programming and QA needs.

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2

Jonathan Krackehl

Dedicated Developers

vteams has provided us with dedicated teams of developers for our company over the past 9 years. We started with a limited engagement and continued to find new ways to work with them. It's all because they have so much talent under one roof. We started with web development, moved into mobile apps, and eventually built bigger screen integrations. They were able to put together teams at reasonable rates that had the skill sets we needed at each point in our history. They have always been flexible, and were able to change their offerings as our needs changed over the years. That's why we continue to work with them!

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2

Brian G.

8+ years and a strong team

We have been working with vteams for almost 9 years and have had strong developers available to us whenever we needed to scale up for particular projects. We have likewise been able to scale down as needed, or add resources with particular skill sets for short term assignments. I highly recommend this company to add to your staff.

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2


Certified Business Professional

Excellent Ongoing Support We've been using vteams for almost 5 years in an ongoing software development project. The services provided by vteams has always been great. Over the year’s developers have come and gone, but progress has remained steady.

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2

Jorge Brea

Founder & President

vteams has been a great partner to me… vteams has been a great partner to me and my company for many years. We were able to grow under their leadership and understand the proper methods for building out and scaling our technology.

Hire a Robotics Engineer 2

Ray Gordos

Have spoken and worked with numerous off-shore development providers from many different regions of the world. Their size makes it easy to find the right resource when we need it most. Clear, effective communication throughout the entire organizations, not just in sales. We communicate with our team regularly with flexible overlapping hours. After our team was assembled, management remained attentive to our needs, making suggestions on how to improve our output, saving us time and money, helping our company focus on our business instead of wasting time trying to make sense of development. Really can't say enough about our (V)Team and the help management has provided to get to us this point. VTeams is a great choice if you want to stay focused on achieving your business goals.


Yes. During the early stages of robotics, development was made without AI to perform repetitive tasks. By integrating artificial intelligence into robotics, you develop advanced levels of machine learning to perform multiple functions with a human-like vision to detect or recognize various tasks and objects.

For robot creation, you can hire robotics engineers that have experience with 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools. With these tools, engineers can design right down to the circuit level. Here are a few other tools our remote engineers use.

  • Fusion 360
  • Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino

When you hire vteams robotics engineers to manage your projects, you hire a team of dedicated professionals. Our remote robotics team is well-versed in MATLAB, Python, and other systems that will aid in developing complex cognitive systems.

You can hire a robotics engineer by filling out a questionnaire with your project details and selecting an available resource’s resume. After choosing the engineer of your choice, our business analyst will schedule a scrum call with you to finalize the whole project.

Our robotic engineers provide ongoing support and maintenance services for your project. The first month of maintenance is free, and after that, we charge.

After analyzing your project needs, we will provide a set number of robotics engineers that fulfill your project demands within a given phase.