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Autonomous Gatekeeper – Automatic License Plate Recognition

  • Post published:June 3, 2015

The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation – Jeff Hawkins

A manual system already exists that verifies the authorized vehicles to maintain security at the entrance. But nowadays, everything is shifting towards automation where no human effort is required. Our computer vision team along with Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineers developed Autonomous Gatekeeper. It is an automatic vehicle number plate detector and recognizer over a robot. It is designed to handle the verification of vehicles to meet the security needs by opening and closing the gate. It accepts or rejects the detected number plates and performs the corresponding actions accordingly. Autonomous Gatekeeper can also be used as a surveillance robot.

This robot is developed by using Python 2.7.6 technology, OpenCV 2.4.10 library and IDLE (Integrated Development Environment for Python) language. Following hardwares are integrated in it:

  • Arduino
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • Sabertooth Motor Driver
  • Wifi Router
  • IP Camera
  • Automatic gate

How this Robot works?

As this robot holds registered number plates and moves to gate to detect the number plates,  it differentiates between authorized and unauthorized ones. Whenever a Car arrives at gate, Arduino commands Sabertooth to move robot to gate so Autonomous Gatekeeper move towards the gate, opens it a little and goes out. It then checks for vehicle’s number plate authorization.


Number is sent to server for verification through Wifi module. Verification result is then sent to Arduino by sever via WiFi module and Ethernet Shield. If it is authorized, Autonomous Gatekeeper moves back to its position while opening the gate automatically for letting the car get in.


After car entry, it closes the gate as well. But what if the car is not authorized? Of course Gatekeeper moves back while closing the door. It won’t let the unauthorized car to get inside.


A solution that fulfills the security concerns by minimizing interaction of human resource. With the implementation over a robot, security and privacy concerns could be met in a more sophisticated and intelligent manner. A place where more accuracy is preferred, autonomous gatekeeper is a complete solution to open the gate for recognized vehicles without human effort.