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Interview Questions To Ask Before Hiring RoR Developers

  • February 10, 2023
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON February 10, 2023
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Hiring for a technical role requires technical knowledge. If you are a non-technical person then hiring for a technical role is difficult. When it is about planning to hire ruby on rails developers, you can rest assured!

We have made your job easier by providing you with some you can ask before making a final choice. Let’s look at the ruby on rails interview questions you should ask.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails, a.k.a. RoR is an open-source server-side framework written in Ruby language. It supports MVC, model–view–controller, which provides structure to applications.

What do subdirectory app/controllers and app/helpers do?

While collecting interview questions for ruby on rails developers, we have considered it important to touch their knowledge relevant to these commands. App/controllers help find controller classes and are responsible for handling user requests. App/helper holds helper classes that assist controller, model, and view classes.

Write a command to create a controller for the subject.

C:\ruby\library> ruby script/generate
This command is used to create a controller for the subject.

List a few things Rails Migration can do

Rails migration can do many things like 
Add column
Change column
Rename table
Drop table etc.
Reason for such ruby on rails interview questions is to know if you have Rails Migration knowledge.

What is the Rails Controller?

This is a basic Rails feature. Rails Controller helps model, view, and user interactions. It handles URLs. It helps with session and module regulation.

How will you prevent Cross-Site Request forgery?

Cross-Site request forgery is to protect the site from hacking attacks. In order to protect your side you have to add ‘protect_from_forgery’ to your ApplicationController.

This is a widely asked ruby on rails interviews questions that ensures an employer also has the ability to protect the site or application.

What is the garbage collector’s purpose in Ruby on Rails?

As a Ruby on Rails developer, you should know the purpose of a garbage collector, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The more in-depth the answer the more knowledge they have. 

Garbage collection is to free up memory to speed up other processes. It helps remove pointer values, removing inaccessible objects from the memory, and other related tasks.

Can you name a few limitations of Ruby on Rails?

One of the interview questions for ruby on rails developers is regarding the limitations. 

If you must know every language has some limitations. RoR does not link to more than one database at a time, it cannot connect to more than one server at a time, and connection to more than one foreign key is also not supported.

Name a few advantages of using RoR.

Programming with RoR is productive, it is open-source i.e. completely free, and Ruby on Rails code acts on the actual code rather than data. 

The purpose of asking about the advantages and disadvantages of RoR is if they know what the framework offers.

Name some variables available with Ruby Class.

When you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers gauge their knowledge about the framework by asking them to name a few variables. This way you can know if they have hands-on experience.

These are the most common Ruby Class variables
Local variables
Global variables
Class variables
Instance variables
For a more in-depth question, you can ask how and where these variables are used.


These are still basic to novice level ruby on rails interview questions. To know how well-prepared a candidate is, a technical interview is a way to go. Where you can present them with a task or real-life project. 

Now you know what questions to ask when you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers, go and crush that first interview.


Muhammad Ahmad

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