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Your Trust Is Earned, Not Given.

  • Post published:October 1, 2014

Asad-Ullah-Khan---Trust-EarnedGreat communications lead the way!

Look at any good discussion of outsourcing and you’ll see Trust as a top concern of entrepreneurs. We’ve understood this all along, which is why our process is designed to earn it.

A case in point is vteam #440, which was working on a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for forecasting and scheduling labor needs, based on previous sales data. The interface is simple enough users can assign, reallocate shifts and tasks, while simultaneously notifying employees, in just a few clicks.

Our lead team member Asad was so effective at communications our client wanted a “clone” resource like him to be lead on a new project. The client also asked us to assign a junior team member to work under Asad’s supervision to continue work on the scheduling application. By doing our jobs and communicating well, we earned new business and grew the existing team as well.

This dynamic is crucial to our success, as well as yours.