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Your Management System Works, But Could It Be Better?

  • Post published:April 23, 2015

You might love your employee management system, but could it be a better version of itself?

That’s the question one of our recent clients asked of us, effectively saving themselves hundreds of man hours a month by the time our enhancements had been put into place.

Our client wanted their system to enable employees to enter both their daily and weekly hours, submitting those hours to administration for approval. This required both time-sheet management and PDF file generation functions that they simply didn’t have before.

Over the course of our development, we crafted an admin panel, user management system, time-sheet management system, employee reports and a billing/payroll management function.

From one single screen both managers and employees could now coordinate hours and communicate time spent – what had taken hours itself to complete was relegated to a matter of minutes.

Administration, on the other hand, was now able to facilitate the efficiency of this well-oiled machine by managing duties they couldn’t prior; adding supervisors, employees, districts and schools, managing the contracts of each employee and assigning daily and weekly hours.

Though there were exceedingly challenging aspects to this project, SVN and Redmine were respectively incredibly helpful when it came to code and our own project management.

The question to ask yourself as a manager, then, becomes whether there is any aspect of your duties that an enhanced tool (system or process) might make easier.

We’ll take care of the rest.