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WordPress Rescue: Custom PHP Script

  • Post published:September 25, 2014

Shafique-Muhammad---CustomPHPIf your script is buggy, you’re asking for trouble!

One benefit of outsourcing is being able to find specific expertise in a given problem, like fixing a WordPress web application so bug infested it can’t even be hosted by a WP engine anymore. Our client formed vteam #335 to manage their failing web application because some customers were being prevented from completing transactions for unknown reasons.

Our developers understand the business process and possess the expertise to solve the programming issues, so it didn’t take long to realize their custom PHP scripts weren’t supported by WP and were causing numerous logical errors in some instances. Correcting the issues took more time, since all the offending scripts had to be taken out and replaced with compliant code.

We replaced the problem scripts with WP-supported plugins and restored all the web application’s functionality without any of the headaches. Ultimately, this also means the client’s website can now be hosted on WP-engines and each new WP upgrade can be done themselves, since they’re no longer using blacklisted plugins. They’ve had zero problems since and as the client put it:

“You are a big part of where our website is today, so thank you!”