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Top Web Design Trends & Examples to Follow in 2022

  • Post published:September 2, 2022

Do you want to upscale your digital appearance (existing or new)? Or are you just in your all-day-dreaming phase? Whatever it is, you can achieve your desired goals by just clicking here:

vteams developers have always included unconventional and realistic approaches to their website designs. Undoubtedly, the UI/UX designers incorporate all amazing web design trends which are not just so popular, but recommendable too.

Here, we will highlight the latest web design trends and the best examples.

Top 12 Web Design Trends 2022

Do you know? 94% of 1st impressions are related to your website’s design.

1- Vibrant gradients

When we talk about vibrant web design trends, we always put gradients on the top that create an exceptional ambiance to your online appearance. Although including complex gradients is an old trend that made a bombastic comeback in 2018 and since then, it has been gaining popularity.

It offers more space for creativity. Hence, it helps you create an illusion of movement with a minimal design. So, what best we can call it is an analog of motion design but without animation.

2- Claymorphism

Induce an interactive look to your website by implementing a new web design trend called Claymorphism. It blends in the latest web designs. Plus, it enables you to create 3D hands/human illustrations in no time.

Top Web Design Trends & Examples to Follow in 2022 1

3- Behavioral design

The design that affects human behavior unknowingly is the one that has gained another level of hype over the years. If you remember, before there was nothing like that on your phone that helped you identify the number of steps you have taken.

But, since AI has become stronger, a health app was created to keep you aware of the steps you have taken daily. So, it is another web design trend used to involve such behavioral designs in their apps.

4- Memphis design

After emerging for the first time in the 1980s, Memphis made a gigantic comeback in 2022 with a modern design and look. Leaving back the typical norm, Memphis design has brought so much creativity and freshness to web designs.

The boldness it promotes adds more value to the websites.

5- Clear borders

What if we tell you about the design that carries the perfect boundary line around your content? Well, we’re talking about the visually clear borders that induce a clean impression of the website with a realistic view.

With simple borders and frames, the browsing experience has become easier and thus aids in improving the content look on the landing pages.

6- Animated floating letters

How about incorporating animation with typography? Sounds interesting, no? The web design trends of 2022 also include animated letters.

This trend makes your website more interactive and engaging with animated text on important headlines or phrases.

7- Oversized typography

The main section on a website is the homepage, which is commonly called a hero section. In 2021, the best web design trend followed was to use images in that section. However, the story has changed now. Oversized and large texts have replaced the images profoundly.

web design trends

You can blend it well with your websites and minimalistic designs alongside keeping the typography the main attraction for visitors. Besides that, you can involve many neon colors and spectrums.

8- Interactive design

A web design trend in which a developer has to pull off the homepage and landing pages in a way that reduces the bounce rate exceptionally is called an interactive design. To make your website engaging, add 2D or 3D animations, graphics, images, or videos.

9- Handmade graphics

Make the best use of your hands and creativity by opting for hand-drawn art. Every developer wants to make their website look stand out from others and therefore, they use enormously different designs to make this happen.

For instance, in 2022, handmade graphics are totally in. So, the programmers while putting their imagination into codes, prefer to choose unique web design trends like this.

10- Glassmorphism

The transparency and glass-like effect that you can utilize in the website development process is what we call Glassmorphism. It adds visual hierarchy and depth to your designed UI (user interface). It makes your content look glassy and blurry but captivates the attention straight away.

So, many developers are implementing this web design trend in 2022 to keep the visitor’s eyes on the screen for a bit long.

11- Illustrations

The more you add illustrations, the more your website will look stylish and trendy. It is indeed an old way to make your website look appealing and even in 2022, this website design trend is being deployed.

There are two types of illustrations:

Collage – No need to pay heed to the surrounding areas of the photographs. Just add a collage of different images and integrate various shapes, tints, and effects. 
Abstract – These types of illustrations include raw and rough lines and designs. So, you can incorporate them ingeniously.

12- Neumorphism

What website design trend would you utilize if you want to infuse an attraction to your online appearance? We are unveiling the secret here:

Neumorphism is a website UI design trend that helps your site glow with realistic, futuristic, and modern elements.

Amazing Web Design Examples We Have


Nextbridge is a software development company in Pakistan, providing software solutions to people for 29 years now. Vteams developed their website as per their requirements and needs.

One other interesting project that we have done is for Nextbridge institute.

2) Mockup Machine

Mockup Machine is another client we catered to lately. They provide website mockups and handle the graphical needs of the clients. We picked up their raw idea about the website and then infused soul into it.

3) Commersys

They provide services regarding eCommerce websites development and there, they do the best. What we did by putting in our efforts as we have pulled off the great online appearance for them too.

4) Vcom Solutions

Asset management is all that every small or large startup needs and this is what vcom solutions does. Our team of developers brought out what they have been asked for and that too, in lesser time.

Food For Thought!

All these websites make a digital appearance differently yet amazingly. They are dynamic, realistic, eye-pleasing, and promote good functionality in all due to their smooth and user-friendly designs.

Final Words

We have tried to gather all web design trends that are creating hype in 2022. What vteams developers are best at is they keep themselves updated with the new trends and implementing them into their UI/UX designs.