We Need Your Trust To Get Your Business – Here’s What We Do To Earn It

  • Post published:February 2, 2015

When the only information you have about a developing company is what’s behind the cloak of the internet, it’s a risk to your business to trust any entity that hasn’t gone above and beyond to earn your trust.

We live by a transparent “show, not tell” model, and as such we’re doing our best to personalize your experience in two ways: by showing you who we are, and by maintaining communication that makes you feel as though your team is right there with you every day.

Here are four more ways we earn the trust of our clients.

We display our pricing proudly.

We’re proud of our competitive rates. That’s why our pricing options are displayed front and center. We’re not trying to rope you in and we don’t rely on cheap sales tactics.

We avoid vague statements and optimize our sites for transparency.

We know that the secret to a healthy client relationship is a proactive approach to the buildup of long-term trust. That being said, we don’t mince words. You’ll always know exactly what we stand for.

We write for you, not search engines.

When a site’s mission statement looks like this:

At vteams our software developers are also ideal for WordPress .NET PHP if you need fast cheap developers…

It’s pretty clear that that site is focused less on customer service and more on customer volume. You’ll never see content from us that doesn’t make sense.

We’re an authority on emerging tech.

We’re not your average developers. When a client hires vteams, they know they’re not only acquiring competent team members for their project but sophisticated technological minds with innovative techniques and interests.

To echo retail giant Macy’s,

“Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer.”