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vteams May Have Been The Source Of Your Last Concert

  • Post published:March 30, 2015

Every once in a while, a particularly fun project comes along that allows us to develop products that may just have touched your life in subtle ways. Though our name is rarely on such a product, we’ve touched a myriad of industries.

One such industry? Live entertainment.

When we were hired to tackle a sophisticated e-ticket management system, it was new territory for us; we’d handled automated management programs in the past, but nothing directly related to pop culture. The many ways to falsify a pricey concert ticket or lose an e-reservation have made automated ticket management systems especially valuable in the past few years.

Our system would source from sites like Ticketmaster, Stub Hub and Easy Seats to either upload or download these electronic tickets, drawing orders from an admin email server, track the shipment of physical tickets across the U.S. when needed and keep track of ticket inventory. We’d also later suggest the integration of customer service functions.

The Ticket To Success

What was particularly powerful about this system was that prior to our work, our client handled everything manually. This would be the first time he’d manage his sales from a digital platform. Understandably, in order to stay competitive, let alone alive, as a company he needed an advanced automated system capable of performing all of his major business operations, and he needed this done with very little human facilitation. His goal was to increase accuracy and cut down on what he was paying employees.

This was a large project, so we went forth with it in two separate phases; one that involved mail services and one that managed general operations.

Upon completion, our client saw massive improvement in efficiency and company growth; in truth, it was the best decision he could have made.

So next time you grab a ticket for Journey, keep us in mind. We could be the reason you snagged that front-row seat.