vteams And Information Technology In 2015

  • Post published:February 4, 2015

What does it say for our world when tech graduates from an industry to a lifestyle?

We’ve seen the integration of gizmos and gadgets like iPhones and Kindles rapidly work their ways into our daily lives, creating veritable loopholes for efficiency. The question on everyone’s mind is, what’s next?

How our specializations reflect industry trends.

Despite contradictory reports foretelling the end of an IT era, prominent resources are predicting lively, constant growth. When tech publication Computerworld surveyed businesses for their 2015 forecast, they found that not only is information technology growing as a field but that companies themselves intend to continue building their own in-house teams at a steady rate.

A healthy 24% of the respondents…said that their companies plan to add more IT employees in the year ahead. While down from 32% and 33% in the previous two years, the fact that a number of employers still anticipate growth indicates that the prospects for expansion in the IT ranks are good.

Computerworld asked nearly 200 executives what the most in-demand skill would be for this coming year. Of these 10 hottest IT skills, vteams specializes in nearly every one. As a matter of fact, programming/app development, project management and web development rounded out the top five; three of our strongest divisions.

So next time you’re in the market for a competent, cutting-edge developer, look no further. According to the experts, we’re right here.