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Using Optimizely for A/B testing of Stripe Payment Gateway Forms

  • Post published:January 20, 2017

vteams #335 recently built an e-commerce site powered by WooCommerce, using Stripe as the payment gateway. Stripe provides pop-up forms and inline forms to perform the payment process. The team set up both forms for A/B testing directing 50% of the traffic on site to each type of form. The client wanted to engage users and see what form best fit users’ requirements during the checkout process. The goal was to make the checkout process more robust and easy-to-use for end users. To this end it was crucial to determine which available option, provided by Stripe, can helpful in gaining revenue through improving the customer experience.


In order to achieve accurate A/B testing, vteams utilized ‘Optimizely’. It is an easy-to-use and robust A/B, multivariate. This method of multi-page testing empowers businesses to improve engagement and help in increasing revenue.

vteams performed A/B testing on the checkout process by allowing 50% traffic to use the in-line payment form and remaining 50% to use the pop-up payment form. They also set up two goals for this A/B testing. One being “user Engagement” and other “Total Revenue”.

The experiment was set up on the Optimizely dashboard and integrated the helper scripts, on the client’s site’s code-base, for primary library and for revenue generation analytics. Revenue generation analytics were set up on each successful purchase by Stripe in WooCommerce. Optimizely constantly built the analytics by user engagement data and revenue data sent by integrated script on the site.

Below is a summary of the A/B testing integrated on checkout page of the site. The tenure of the experiment lasted more than 2 months:


Below are the revenue generation line graphs for each unique visit and a comparison of revenue generation from both types of payment forms:


Below is the user engagement chart for both types of payment forms on site:


The Result

The client analyzed performances and data received from both goals set up in A/B testing by the Optimizely service and took a business decision. The client was able to integrate the best solution for their checkout process from an engagement point of view, and for the business; for revenue generation.