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Using Network Merchants (NMI) Payment Gateway to Ensure Credit Card Compliance

  • Post published:September 21, 2016

vteam #579 was hired to integrate a robust, e-commerce payment solution. This NMI (Network Merchant) payment gateway was used to ensure that all Credit Card Compliances were met for the client.

For a seamless User Experience and to protect data communication by keeping merchants from handling sensitive payment information, vteams engineer Mohsin Bukhari opted for Three Steps Redirect API:

  1. First, users were given a form to save their credentials which subsequently was sent to Payment Gateway
  2. Following this, the Payment Gateway reverts with a variable Form-URL which then creates into an HTML Form for the collection of sensitive data, and making it friendly for users to submit their information
  3. The process is concluded by redirecting the user to the checkout page by obtaining a Token-ID which extracts the sensitive details and passing the transaction through HTTPS POST. Payment Gateway, reverts with a Customer Vault ID when the action is successful

Through Direct Post API, customer sends their payment information, extracted via Customer Vault ID, to the payment gateway. It responds instantly with the consequent transactions.

Due to the sensitive nature of the task, all the steps mentioned above were executed to guarantee that all industry standards were met according to PCI Security Standard Council and to build a relationship of trust between client and their patrons.