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Using AngularJS to Develop a Simulation of Casino Slot Game

  • Post published:August 19, 2016

The client of vteam #559 wanted us to build a simulation of Casino Slot Machine Game with a detailed set of maths and logic. All the checks and logic should be based on a real arcade version of the game, placed in any USA casino. Additionally, the game had to fulfill laws enforced under US Federal Law of Gambling; like “No Natural Win” and “Must Win with Nudge” scenarios. All the constraints should pass via these scenarios.

The game had to communicate scores in real-time with a 3rd party server, that manages Credits database using high-end encryption scheme. Service Authorization was also required to avoid any security loopholes. The required game had to be developed for Web, iOS and Android platforms with the same look and feel as of native mobile apps, simultaneously.


To cater the nested-view requirement, the game was developed as SPA (Single Page Application) using AngularJS Framework and UI-Router. This gave the web version same design, look and feel as that of mobile versions. CSS3 Sprite Animations were used to give the game same effects as that of the native mobile and real arcade version. $http Angular service maintained the game sync with credits server.

The powerful binding feature of AngularJS was the right choice to reflect all kind of changes as per user action. Following libraries were also integrated to fulfill the requirements:

  • SoundJS
  • PrelaodJS
  • AES.JS