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Uploading Videos To A Newspaper Web Site From Anywhere.

  • Post published:October 2, 2014

Uploading-Videos-To-A-NewspaperWeb application enables video uploads from the field!

Today’s newspaper websites are multimedia affairs and photo journalists are increasingly shooting both still and video images for newspapers’ websites. Providing immediacy in coverage also means getting edited images and videos on-line as quickly and efficiently as possible. This typically means editing and posting from the field by photographers using a variety of laptops. Our client, a newspaper in Connecticut, formed vteam #276 to create a platform-independent utility photojournalists could use to get content to the newspaper for posting, regardless of what kind of computer they were using.

Our developers created a web application using HTML5, jQuery, Dropbox and YouTube Application Program Interface (API). The only technical limitation is that photographers have to use either the Firefox or Chrome browser. The reason for the browser restriction is fairly straightforward:

  • YouTube’s REST API doesn’t restrict file size, but Dropbox REST API does, so larger files have to be broken into digestible chunks to be uploaded into Dropbox.
  • JavaScript usually cannot read or alter the file system of a client PC. But HTML5’s File API gives JavaScript the ability to access and read some files from the client system. It also supports the needed splitting of files. So we are using it to read the video file from the client PC and split up the files into equal chunks that can be uploaded into Dropbox.
  • HMTL5’s File API isn’t supported by all browsers, especially when it comes to turning big files into chunks to upload. The file splitting method was supported in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and so there you have it.