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101 Guide on How to Hire and Manage Remote Teams

  • Post published:August 17, 2022

Are you on the verge of disappointment because you think hiring or managing remote development teams isn’t a piece of cake for you? Are you nodding your head in yes?

Well, leave the tension at home and check what vteams does and know their hiring and management process because this is the place where reliability is sold and trust is earned.

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What are remote teams?

Remote teams consist of individuals living in different corners of the globe, working on the same project. Their skills are more important than their geographical distances.

Project managers invest their time and efforts into hiring the perfect fit for the company. Let’s check how!

An ultimate hiring process

Are you stuck with the question about how to hire remote developers? Don’t worry! We have left the clues below which are too simple and facile.

1- Ascertain open vacancies

Project managers always have a keen sight when it comes to determining the job descriptions in order to hire remote developers they would need for a project. Thereby, at the time of hiring, they keep the number of online employees and their work nature in mind.

2- Analyze business flow

Factors like the patterns that occur in the company, the workflow, the business model, and the followed trends are included in the proper business roadmap.

Such points help you hire several people to manage deliverables and handle the workload.

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3- The budget required

Money doesn’t grow on trees and this is why project managers always have to consider the “cost factor.” Therefore, when they hire remote developers, resource requirements or benefits (regarding work) are kept under the belt.

Also, the company’s financial statements and affordability make the hiring process much more feasible.

4- Customer experience

Customer experience and satisfaction are always the priority for project managers and that’s why the hiring process becomes inevitable.

In order to improve customer engagement and demand, what managers do is acquire feedback from responsive surveys. Such efforts can provide valuable insight. Thus, being a PM before you hire remote developer, make sure to keep customer pain points in mind.

5- Upload a job announcement post

After an in-depth evaluation, the project managers come forward and publish a job post in which experience, skills, and details are mentioned. There are some factors involved:

  • Don’t forget the company culture – Other than benefits or qualifications, add some catchy lines about your company culture so that he who wants to join can know how it can be reflected. 
  • Mention job position details – Not in detail, but it is suggested to add brief information about what would be the remote developers/teams do. 
  • Online talent hunt – Nowadays, job hunting via social media platforms has become more flexible than ever. LinkedIn and Facebook are two major platforms that have proven the best in time. Furthermore, you can custom search for the desired candidates by searching through filters.

Once you hire remote developers, it’s time to know a few significant things about onboarding process.

6- The digital onboarding process

Welcoming new employees into the company is the last thing you do. Make this onboarding process memorable by interacting well with the employees on their first day of joining. What points you can discuss:

  • Be clear about your objectives –  You must be super confident about what to do and how to do it. Vague instructions and unclear suggestions lead to poor results. 
  • Mission – The main agenda is important to deliver and this should be done once the remote teams are onboarded. 
  • Vision – The perspective behind the project to be done and the vision should be all clear. It includes knowledge about company values, too.
  • Operations – The most unavoidable thing to do is to guide your team about operations, functionalities, procedures, and the ways it will perform.

Get started!

It’s time to gird up the loins, fold up your sleeves, and get indulged in the most fun thing, project development.

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8 Tips to manage remote development teams effectively

Once project managers hire remote developers, it’s time to manage them with diligence and effectiveness.

1- Keep your expectations high

As the team is working remotely, make sure you have set the expectations and performance metrics. Let them be a part of your team not physically but mentally.

To make this happen:

Define objectives for the remote teams thoroughly, set the expectations beforehand to avoid any hassle, and enhance accountability by letting your employees know that their work has been checked.

2- Understand remote work challenges

To manage your remote development team in the best possible manner, try to understand their scenarios.

For instance, arrange random meetups and events for the socially isolated team members, keep them motivated with appreciation to level up their productivity, and have their internet connectivity issues in mind.

3- High-leverage activities

By focusing on high-leverage activities, you go one step closer to the development of the company. Because the greater the leverage, the higher the profit or output would be.

Hence, pay heed to the time when high leverage is expected in order to give results.

4- Delegation is an essential part

While you’re responsible for the task, you need to understand that delegation is a part of it. Cautiously, delegate activities you know the best about. Moreover, your goal is to check if the tasks have been done efficiently.

5- Manage your team proficiently

Remember you’re the project manager and your job is to monitor the performance and track if the decided objectives have been met or not.

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6- Time is the only finite resource

You have spent a lot of time finding and recruiting a resource. So, eventually, time is the only thing you must be concerned about. This is how you can manage time:

  • Make groups of tasks.
  • Do what you can do best in a short time. 
  • Make a priority list of tasks to be done.
  • Think deeply about the approaches you use.

7- Prevent starts and stops in your day

To prevent the starts and stops in a day, it is imperative to avoid doing distracting activities. For example, we all know that messaging can become a hurdle while performing tasks, so it is best if one can stop investing time in messaging especially during work hours.

For this, what PMs can do is get access to their screens to keep track of their work. (Wink!)

According to a recent study, remote teams are more productive than in-house employees.

8- Meetings with remote teams

Last but not least, being a project manager, never forget to follow up with your online employees about their work status.

The on and off meetings involve remote development teams and they feel equally important as others. Be it to give suggestions or get daily reports, virtual meetings always play a vital role.

The Unavoidable Stats

Almost 4.7 million people were working from home even before the pandemic. (Flexjobs Stats)

88% of companies have promoted the remote work nature since the outbreak. (Gartner)It is deduced that by 2028, 73% of departments would have remote teams. (Upwork)

Wrapping Up!

We bet this information will sound best to you and has made remote teams hiring and managing a complete bliss for you.