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Ticketing System Rescue and refactoring with Yii

  • Post published:December 13, 2013

Before coming to vteams, our client spent 8-10 months developing his Ticketing System in India. The project was being billed regularly but not getting anywhere. We started vteam #421 to undertake the “finish the job” routine.

After looking into the existing codebase –which was substantial– the team engineer, Faisal, suggested that we dump the whole code and redevelop the whole system from scratch. This idea did not make our client happy. He did not want to spend for another year before seeing his system come to life.

Faisal has a solid grip on Yii Framework. So he come up with an alternative idea. He would fix the existing code and inject Yii into the codebase while refactoring. He came up with a 3 month plan to take the system live. Our client agreed to this plan and we started developing.

Now the system has gone live according to plan and there is a long list of new features to be incorporated into the system. Faisal is continuously refactoring old code in parallel and his goal is to clean it up within the next year.