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The Ins And Outs Of Developing A High-Profile Appraisal Management Application

  • Post published:April 16, 2015

We often discuss how frequent an occurrence it is that we’re provided a half-completed application, asked to fix it up and/or complete it when others have failed.

One recently completed two-year project is a great example of the “911 jobs” we tend to tackle.

Our client came to us with a partially developed appraisal management solution for lenders, mortgage insurers, attorneys and home owners. He needed the application to manage appraisals for varying property types, rendering it a competitive tool. He also asked that it have different logins based on specific users’ rights; an appraiser, broker and AMC portal, respectively.

Many other features also needed to be involved in order for this tool to reach its maximum potential. It would have the ability to import orders from an XML, be drawn from a services-oriented architecture in order to update different statuses on third-party portal orders, the ability for any order status to be updated from the application, as well as a powerful admin panel that would allow users to control the orders, order statuses, user accounts, and appraiser licenses. To top it off, all appraisers’ licenses would need to be verified from the ASC national registration databases. If an appraiser license was expired, that appraiser would be notified.

This application was also a full-service tool for the professionals mentioned above. It would have an order system that would update orders in real time. Once that order was assigned to an appraiser, he would be able to accept, deny or counter propose the order fee. There would also be an accounting section, a payment and reporting module and all activities would be logged, sending automatic notifications to each respective user via an internal messaging system and external emails.

Needless to say, it was involved.

We placed a separate module for user accounts that manage appraisers, brokers, and AMC users, providing admin the ability to de-activate any user account followed by an accounting segment within the application that managed the orders payable, receivable and paid.

We also generated a message and broadcast system, so that administrators would be able to communicate on a large scale. The project went live and rapidly our client began receiving real orders. The system is now used daily by thousands of industry professionals across the U.S.