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How Your Copy Can Alter How Customers Think

  • Post published:March 25, 2015

The term “rhetoric” doesn’t typically carry a very positive connotation.

Used often in order to both condemn and demean publications who use it to “further their agendas,” or referenced as the black magic that big-budget retailers use in order to manipulate buyers, part of its very definition is that it is seen negatively.

At its core, though, rhetoric is the “the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques,” or more importantly, “language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience…”

The Art Of Persuasion

It is the art of persuasion; appealing to both the senses and empathy of another being, whether that person is a friend or a customer, and it is the key to running a successful online business.

The majority of our clients’ companies rely on a dominant digital presence; an impressive, functional site (where we come in), an impressive marketing plan, and the quality of writing that will convert a visitor from a lead to a buyer.

As puts it,

The fact is that language is powerful. It has the ability to transform our thoughts and ideas into words which can be transferred to other people in a form of communication. Rhetoric is an important tool that makes use of the power of language in order to efficiently inform others of what we think, or feel, and persuade them to agree with the concept that we have. And as any kind of tool, it can be used with either good or bad intentions.

Copy, and the way we are representing our businesses, has never had more importance. Upon a potential client’s arrival to a web page we might have a maximum of seven seconds to sell them based on appearance and wording alone.

While many companies are putting high focus on overall design and flashy, dynamic graphics and video (which is important, to be sure), they’re missing out on the supersonic push that well-written content can provide. So, do what other companies are not: take the time to hire a reliable company that will sell your products to the same degree that your other features do.