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Re-designing Process Chains in MySQL to Reduce Calculation Time in a Fitness Program

  • Post published:March 18, 2016

A Fitness and health solution that gathers information regarding your lifestyle and executes a program that makes calculations to decide what suits your body requirements best in the form of a complete diet and exercise plan.

A more effective and efficient solution was required for exercise and diet plan calculations. Previously, the exercise and diet plan calculations were taking too much time (20+ minutes), which irritated the users. There were so many complaints about the time taking behavior of the program that the client decided to take action.

The processing time was unappealing to users. In many cases they would leave the application as a result of stuck-up or errors on the page resulting in immediate business loss. The plan of action was to retain users by reducing the program execution time. The client needed a fast, reliable, efficient, secure and optimized system.

Since readability level of code was poor, the reverse engineering of the calculation process became very complex. During the calculation process, the program would execute unnecessary MySQL queries to grab required data; it was a mess of complex MySQL queries.

The only way out was to review the process and optimize the MySQL queries in such a way that it would take less time and produce the best results. vteam #450 took up this as challenge and analyzed the process chains that were in-efficient. They re-designed these chains with efficient MySQL queries without disturbing the entire calculation functionality.

After re-designing, the program execution time was reduced to levels acceptable to the client’s application users.