QuickBooks Enterprise Software Integration via Web Connector

  • Post published:September 23, 2015

vteam #527 was working on the project of an in-house order tracking for Client’s business. Client was using QuickBooks Enterprise (wholesale and manufacturer) software provided by the hosting company through VPN. His business dealt in the wholesale of iPhone and other Apple products with ground and international shipments.

Client required vteam #527 to develop a web application which would be able to grab all customers, invoices and inventory data from the QuickBooks Software. This application should provide the usability to track the orders for internal use. Order tracking consisted of various custom steps that needed certain functionality to be implemented to mark the order as completed.


As the whole project is based on the input data that needed to be pulled from QuickBooks Software, we had to find a way to get connected with this software and keep updating the data to this new web application with the possibility of real time update.


After R&D on QuickBooks Enterprise software integration methods, vteams engineer found a way “QuickBooks Web Connector“. Although, it was not a real time solution but it updated the data with a minimum delay of time which was acceptable by the Client. There was another API solution which works through paid backup service on Cloud Server and gets connected with the Server to pull the data using Quickbook Partner Platform API. It was not a suitable solution because of the excessive delay in updating data.


Web Connector is a small application that needs to be configured on the same machine where QuickBooks is running. It uses SSL URL of Client’s web application to keep providing latest data. vteams engineer Jamshaid Bukhari configured web connector on VPN by providing XML based configurations which consisted of the user, password, application URL and execution time. Database schema was generated to store web connector user information and logs. He wrote RESTful web service that made connection with the web connector and imported the latest modified data into the database. He exceptionally handled and stored logs as well.


By connectivity through the web connector, Client’s application ran smoothly with fully automated system and he happily used it to manage orders, invoices, logistics, Inventory etc.