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NFC Vs Qr Codes. Which One Is Best for Your Company?

  • Post published:August 18, 2022

Are you aware of contactless technology? Have you ever experienced contactless technology for your business? Usually, business owners rely on this technology to maintain offline-to-online customer interactions.

QR codes and NFC business cards are a part of contactless technology; today, these have become a hot topic among the masses.

Situations like pandemics make contactless payments and information transfers essential. NFC vs QR codes is the technologies that are useful for file sharing digitally to lessen the decency of things like cash payments.

Payment method

Let’s discuss it individually.

What are QR codes and NFC business cards?

QR (Quick Response) codes

QR is a two-dimensional barcode to store more information, and it can function in multiple ways than the traditional one you see on groceries. Initially, it tracked automotive parts, but today, their usage is wide-ranging. They are now a part of advertising campaigns that include brochures, flyers, posters, billboards, packaging, mobile apps, etc.

QR codes are helpful for emails and gerund coupon codes, and information about historical sites.

QR Codes are effective in the following domains.

  • Enable Wi-Fi access
  • Bitcoin payments
  • Contactless payments
  • Share social media or app links
  • Create digital coupons
  • Automatic event registration and ticketing
  • Share video, image and sound files
  • Share PDFs
  • Create digital business cards and business pages
  • Deliver text messages, emails, and plain texts
  • Location sharing with Digital Maps

Near field communication (NFC business cards)

NFC is an abbreviation of Near Field Communication, and it is a radio-frequency technology that works through a transformation of data through NFC-enabled devices or an NFC tag. Nowadays, NFC tags are used more frequently on social media platforms for payment gateways.

It is designed on a tag i.e. a small chip like mobile sim cards, and contains a wireless connection. Interestingly, it functions without the internet. It doesn’t cost a single penny to use through your device.

NFC vs QR Codes

NFC has several uses that are as follows:

  • Direction through Google Maps
  • Connecting with other NFC tags
  • Sending documents
  • Sending a phone number

How is QR code better than NFC?

Here is a detailed comparison of NFC business cards and a QR code.

QR is more engaging, easy to use, protective, and convenient due to smartphones. Whereas NFCs are not secure at all in terms of physicality or usage. NFC is way faster than QR code, but it doesn’t require any passwords to proceed. QR Code doesn’t demand physical contact and usually has no distance limitations.

NFC limits the mobile payments

Updated smartphones have in-built NFC business cards, whereas the older ones lack this feature. People don’t comply with this new technology but can utilize the QR codes for payment proceedings or managing to open a website.

How effective is QR technology?

In comparison to NFC vs QR code, QR Code is better because it saves time and money without any limitations in payment transfer. On the other hand, NFC works with a compulsion of a minimum of $100 or $150 to transfer. QR code provides a quick solution to transfer money by scanning.

How effective is QR technology

Digital Wallets like Apple Pay (iPhones) and Google Play (on Android phones) accept QR payments. It proceeds through opening up your banking app and tapping on a QR scanner to pay and get free.

NFC demand physical contact

NFC business cards involve the transfusion of data through overlapping devices or touching the kiosk machines. On the other hand, QR codes are redeemed or scanned at a distance, which makes them hassle-free and easy to use.

At a time when COVID-19 is still not over yet, avoiding physical contact and switching to digital payment gateways seems a better and more convenient option.

NFC is a week in compatibility

NFC is not a universal payment or data transfer gateway because it gets distorted while sharing files. NFCs are badly affected due to the timely updates in the operating systems. It is not ready for universal and reliable digital information transfer.

NFC is a week in compatibility

On the other hand, QR codes work to design internationally. Their concept is universal and was an essential part of their design. It neither demands any special or modern scanner to scan QR codes nor any updates. Every phone having a camera can operate this thing.

NFC has Security Flaws

A major disadvantage of NFC is the lack of security measures like data corruption, manipulation, and eavesdropping. QR codes are simpler to use and way more secure than NFC business cards. QR codes don’t maintain different instances like data manipulation, eavesdropping or any other attack.

NFC vs QR code

Wrapping up

Here’s a brief comparison of contactless technologies to decide which one to use. We recommend QR codes due to their efficiency and safe workability.